One Time Email: The Dos And Don’ts Of Mass Email Sending

one time email

One time emails are the most powerful component of email campaigns. Email messages for marketing and transactional purposes can both rely on sending vast quantities all at once.

An email gone wrong will land in spam folders faster than a hacker can crack a four-digit password. Many advanced email providers like Gmail will do its best to block unwanted emails.

Where do you begin when sending out a one time email? Let’s take a look at the best (and worst) ways of sending mass emails.

Tip: Make sure you’re compliant with any data protection laws. This will apply to your email subscribers in markets where you have them, like GDPR, CCPA, or CAN-SPAM Act. The penalties and fines are steep, and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it.

What is a One Time Email?

One time emails (also known as mass emails or e-blasts) are simple email messages sent to large groups of people. A company might send an email blast for many reasons. This includes a limited-time offer, a big announcement, or something else it wants people to know. 

Transactional emails are distinct from one time emails. The majority of companies that use email are likely to send both. However, they differ extensively. A transaction email is sent in response to an action taken by the consumer. Transactional email such as online order or password reset requests is only sent at the time the consumer takes that action. 

They are not sent to a mass group of people at one time. Similar types of automated emails are welcome emails, birthday emails, and abandoned carts emails. They also send a message to all associated contacts when a certain condition is met.

The sending of an email blast is not triggered by consumer actions. In contrast, they’re created, scheduled, and sent by the marketing department of the organization. This is also compared to email newsletters and special promotions. Transactional emails are sent to much smaller groups of people than marketing emails. They send marketing communications to whole mailing lists or to specific targeted audiences with segmentation. 

The best campaigns, yet, are dependent on successful electronic delivery, regardless of the kind of email blast you send. Following best practices when using email will ensure success.

Best Practices for Email Blasts or One Time Email

Engaging customers is a key element of the success of modern-day email campaigns. With the advent of email marketing tools, email blasts are often equated with spam. The reason that targeted emails tend to generate better engagement is that they provide more value for the receiver. In addition to increased engagement, they have also improved deliverability.

Still, if you’re looking for a way to do bulk email, you should always be aware of what you should and shouldn’t do.

The Don’ts of One Time Email

One time email

Let’s begin with the bad. This may seem a bit harsh for the first time, but you need to consider these bad practices when sending emails. A bad practice hinders your day-to-day sending and lands you in the spam folder if you have a single recipient. This is amplified several times when sending a one time email, resulting in lowered opening rates and engagement metrics. Let’s take a closer look:

Don’t Use New Domains And IP Addresses For Mass Emailing

New domains and IPs do not yet have reputations, so Inbox Service Providers (ISPs) are unsure of what to expect. Sending out a blast right out of the gate for any new domain or IP is a one-way ticket to the spam folder. So it’s better you consider where you are sending emails from in the first place. Try using an older domain or warming up your IP before sending that many emails at once. This will help you to achieve better results.


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one time email

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Don’t Mislead Your Recipients

Data protection laws are enacted in many countries, but it is important to remember them. Always be very clear about the email subject lines. An email marketing campaign cannot be disguised as a transactional email receipt – that would be shady.

You should also avoid spammy email subject lines or anything that might confuse your recipient. Usually, click-bait ends up in spam filters, which is why it’s best to avoid using it. Everyone hates being misled, as well. 

Don’t Mass Emailing to Old Email Lists

It should be obvious but don’t send emails to a list you found from 10 years ago and expect the email to arrive. It is better to get rid of those old email lists even if you think your email campaign will interest them. With GDPR taking effect last year, older lists are a great way to land in spam (or worse, end up paying hefty fines). Make sure your lists are clean and made up of people who have opted in.

Don’t Send Generic Email Content

If you send the same email to everyone, it may soon lose value for your entire email list. A personalized email with good content strategies will always be a better email. With personalization based on demographics, behavior, interests, or personal preferences, you will lose fewer subscribers. And also have a higher click-through rate, and convert more people. You can customize the HTML template of your email for personalization. Most email marketing applications offer this feature as well.

The Do’s of One Time Email

Enough with the doom and gloom. Let’s move on to what you can do to ensure your mass email lands in the inbox. You might think some of these are obvious, but you’d better take another look at them. Let’s take a closer look: 

Do Follow Email Best Practices

Beyond the CAN-SPAM Act, it’s a good idea to follow email best practices whenever possible. Make your emails look elegant and follow your style guide. In this manner, you avoid looking like a spammer or phisher. By using consistent preheaders, subject lines, CTAs, and tone of voice, you will impress your readers right away.

With our library of branded HTML email templates, you will always be prepared for email campaigns. 

Keep your transactional and marketing emails separate if you can via subdomains. And also make sure to update and clean your email lists. You should plan the email frequency of your marketing emails based on the engagement of your users. And Then maintain a consistent cadence to ensure your followers are expecting your emails. 

Give Your ESP A Little Head’s Up

Although it’s not necessary, let your email service provider know when you plan to send out a lot of emails at once. It helps support teams keep track of any issues that might occur during your sending. This is especially true if you have a dedicated contact with your ESP, such as our Deliverability Services. More advanced troubleshooting gives you peace of mind.

Be Sure That Your ESP Can Handle Your Email Volume

 Although email service providers (ESPs) offer different tiers of service, they don’t always have effective solutions for burst sending. Here at Mailvio, you can send unlimited emails. A slow email system can result in bottlenecks if you don’t have a solution that can handle that volume. Bottlenecking might cause inaccurate sending times, which might affect your complaint rate. Ensure that your ESP can handle your volume. 

What Is the Best Method for Sending Out an Email Blast?

Following best practices is crucial, but making sure that you send your email blasts the right way is important. It is best to use a reputable, trusted one time email service to ensure the delivery of your emails to the inbox.

Mailvio provides email blasts that are complemented by powerful email automation tools. These tools can enhance delivery rates and ensure your mass emails reach the inbox as quickly as possible. By using Mailvio’s analytics tools, you can track your performance after you send your campaigns. This way you can find out where you need to improve your campaign and where your campaigns are succeeding.

The Key Takeaways From Mass Emailing

With these tips in mind, you should be able to put your organization in a good position to send email blasts going forward. Make sure you follow best practices and communicate with your email service provider. You should also be careful not to mislead your subscribers in your emails or to send from brand new IPs to old lists.

Email campaigns using personalization and segmentation are essential for ensuring success. You should verify that every device on your end is able to handle the volume of emails you plan to send. And make sure your emails are well-spelled, have a clear design, and are not misleading. Whether you’re creating an app or sending bulk emails, no one wants issues with their sending.

Follow these tips, and you will have success with email blasting.

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