Email marketing remains one of the most profitable means of communication for businesses and online professionals. 

In digital marketing circles, it is said that every active email subscriber is worth at least $1 per month. 

To put that into perspective, if you manage to create a responsive email list of 10,000 subscribers then…

Earning $10,000 each month from your list is a very real possibility. 

It all comes down to the quality of your marketing tactics, getting your emails delivered, and…

Your ability to provide value to your subscribers with every email interaction. 

One way to do this is by sending an Email Blast. In this article today, you’ll learn:

  • What is an Email Blast
  • When and How to Send an Email Blast
  • What tools you should use to get the best delivery rates
  • And, how to get subscribers to open your emails

Let’s begin.

What Is An Email Blast?

An email blast is a method of sending a single email to a list of email subscribers at the same time. It is sometimes called mass emailing or bulk emailing. 

In the early days of email marketing, this was the only way to communicate with customers through email. But today, online marketers are used to sending customized email automations that are tailored to their customers’ journeys. 

But, there are still many instances when you’ll need to send only one email instead of an automated series. Let’s look at a few such instances. 

When To Send An Email Blast 

Holidays And Special Occasions 

In email marketing, your success depends heavily on your ability to relate to your audience. One way to build a relationship with your subscribers is to send an email blast on holidays and special occasions

These email blasts are simply to wish your subscribers well and to let them know that hey…

You are a real person

Bulk emailing in this way works really well during:

  • Christmas
  • Thanks Giving
  • Halloween
  • New Years 
  • And Election Day

Such email blasts show your thoughtfulness and help to build your credibility. 

Moments of Inspiration

Life is not all about getting to the top. It’s also about the number of people you inspire along the way. 

Inspiration comes to us in moments we least expect. You can be inspired by anything. Walking your dog, or just spending time with your kids can spark light bulb moments in your head. 

And a lot of times, sharing your inspirations with your subscribers can motivate them.

Again, doing so shows real thoughtfulness. You care about your subscriber’s mindset and well-being. You want to see them do well. And you are a source of their inspiration. 

And since there is no way to tell when you’ll have an inspiring thought or experience… 

It is impossible to automate such emails. So you’ll have to send an email blast to your lists. 

Limited-Time Offers

A few years ago I subscribed to a Youtube channel in the video editing niche. 

At the time I was using Camtasia to do all my video edits but it was a really expensive software. It cost $200 per year back then.

The channel I subscribed to did a video sharing a limited-time coupon for Camtasia. 

This was a well-timed video for me because I was just about to renew my subscription. 

Thanks to the coupon provided in the YouTube video, I was able to renew for just $20. Awesome right? I saved 90% thanks to this YouTuber. 

Needless to say, I’m still subscribed to his channel today. His video provided me with a lot of value and helped me to get a product I really needed at a better price. 

If you should ever come across a similar offer that could benefit your subscribers then an email blast is a perfect way to get it out to them.

And believe me, they will love you for it. 

When Mistakes Are Made

We are all human and as humans, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we catch them too late. 

A common email marketing mistake is sending out an email with the wrong links:

Of course, this has to be corrected right away otherwise, it will lessen the impact of your campaigns. Bad links could even ruin your relationship with your subscribers. 

The easiest way to correct your mistake is to send a correction email blast to everyone who received emails with errors. 

You can bulk email those receipts to apologize for your mistake and to provide the correct information. 

Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes either. It shows that you are a living person and not a mindless corporation. 

Here’s another example:

Life and Business Updates

Life happens, business happens and it can be unpredictable at times. 

Communicating a sudden change in your life or business that impacts your subscribers is a great way to show professionalism. 

For example, let’s say you launched a product and it performed really well. As you know, regardless of how good a product is, there will be refunds. 

Now, imagine that most of your earnings from your product launch is in your PayPal account and they decide to put a hold on it. You won’t be able to issue refunds. 

This could leave a bad taste in your customers’ mouths and could scar your business for months to come. 

An email blast updating your subscribers on the situation will be important. Even better, is if you can provide proof of the situation either by screenshots or a link to a video explanation. 

On a lighter note, a lot of unexpected positive changes can happen in your life. Such as news of a new baby. Your leads would love to hear about that and your business will be affected.

These are five common instances of using an email blast. Let’s look now at how we can go about bulk emailing. 

Here’s one instance where a Google update had a big impact:

How To Send An Email Blast

To send an email blast you will need to use an email service provider or an autoresponder platform. 

Let’s take a closer look at both options. 

Free Email Service Providers

The most popular email service providers around are:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook
  • And Hotmail

All of these platforms are free to use, making them an attractive option budget-wise. 

But while these platforms are budget-friendly, they are most suited for personal emailing. 

Professionals who send mass emails in Gmail, for instance, will struggle to use these platforms effectively. 

For example, Gmail only allows you to send 500 emails per day. To send more emails you would have to upgrade to a paid version of Gmail or wait 24 hours to do so. 

That’s a maximum of 15,000 emails per month. Way below what’s required to effectively engage subscribers. 

Along with this limit comes the inability to add personalization to your emails. It is basically, one size fits all. 

But without being able to personalize your emails, customers will quickly pick up on the generic nature of your content. If they do, they’ll jump ship. 

In short, if you have a very small list of leads that you only need to contact a few times a month, these platforms will be perfect for you. 

If so, follow the steps in this article to start mass emailing your leads with a free email service provider of your choice. 

Otherwise, for business purposes, it’s best to choose a good email autoresponder. 

Email Autoresponders

Email autoresponders are designed specifically for business needs. They help you effectively contact your leads and help to automate your customer interactions. 

They help safeguard your emails from hard/soft bounces and help keep them out of the spam and promotion folders. With more of your emails reaching the inbox you’ll have better:

  • Engagements
  • Open Rates
  • Click Through Rates
  • Sender Reputation 
  • And, Conversions. 

Most autoresponders are very robust. They offer you greater control over your campaigns. 

Plus they let you customize and personalize emails to your heart’s content. Making it easy to build branded relationships with your leads. 

There are as many limits in terms of the number of emails you can send each day. In fact, many autoresponders permit you to send unlimited emails each month. 

One such autoresponder is Mailvio, which you can try out for free by signing up for their 7-day free trial.  

To use an email automation tool, you’ll need a business email address. This makes you more trustworthy to email service providers. On top of that, a business email address is more professional. 

To see how you can set up your own business email address and start emailing with Mailvio, click here. This video presentation will make this whole concept easier to understand. 

Design Your Email Blast 

Now that we know what an email blast is and how and when to send one…

How can we ensure that our campaigns will be effective? 

The first thing to consider is deliverability of course. We need to have our emails reaching our subscriber’s inboxes

As explained in the previous section, using an autoresponder such as Mailvio will help immensely in this area. Watch this video if you haven’t already to see how. 

From there, you’ll need your subscribers to open your emails. 

This starts with creating captivating subject lines. 

Email Blast Subject Lines

You can find a detailed explanation of how to create high-converting subject lines for emails in this article. 

In relation to email blasts, there are five types of subject lines to consider.

  • Festive Subject Lines
  • Inspiring Subject Lines
  • Limited Time Offer Subject Lines
  • Subject Lines For Mistakes Made
  • And, Life and Business Update subject lines. 

These coincide with the “when to send an email blast email above”. 

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these subject lines. 

Festive Subject Lines

These subject lines help to convey thoughtfulness to your readers. Taking the time out of your busy day to share in their holiday celebrations shows that you care. 

Sometimes, festive subject lines work really well for holiday promotions as well. Especially for sales holidays like Christmas.

Inspiring Subject Lines

Before you can inspire anyone with your content, you must first inspire them to open your emails. You can do this by incorporating curiosity.

The only cure for a curious mind is experience. If you can get people wondering with your subject lines, they’ll open your emails just for the experience.

There are many ways to incorporate curiosity into your subject lines. The general idea is to grab your readers’ interest without giving too much away. 

Limited Time Offer Subject Lines

  • “Hurry! You’re about to miss out.”
  • “[Last Chance] 15 Minutes left to claim your discount.”
  • “Only 20 Spots Left – Claim your bonus now.” 
  • “Early Bird Special Ending Soon.”

Limited time off subject lines like the ones above aim to convey scarcity and urgency. They help to put your readers in “Get it now” or “Fear of Missing Out” mode. 

These work perfectly for email blasts to subscribers who’ve already spent money with you. Especially if your email relates to a product they’ve already purchased.

They’ve already shown that they trust you enough to look into your recommendations, so if you have new arrivals coming in – you should let them know.

It’s human nature to procrastinate until the very last minute. Sometimes they need a little nudge to make up their minds and take action. 

Subject Lines For Mistakes Made

How do you make up for a mistake on your part without looking incapable? 

Simple, don’t make the situation about you. 

Don’t try to correct your mistakes just to “wipe eggs from your face.”

Instead, your readers should get the feeling that they can still gain the benefits you promised originally thanks to your corrections. 

For example, rather than saying:

I shared the wrong link, I’m sorry. Can you please forgive me?

Try saying:

It looks like the link I shared was the wrong one but not to worry. I’ve fixed that now and you can still claim your bonuses here.

This was, you admitting and correcting your mistake in one go. Killing two stones with one bird 🙂

Life And Business Update Subject Lines 

Updates in your life and business may affect your subscribers but if you are not careful…

They might get the feeling of “that’s your problem, not mine.”

They might not see how your situation affects them so your subject lines need to convey that. 

Follow from the PayPal example above using the subject line:

PayPal is blocking your refund, here’s what you can do.”

This is a great subject line because it relates to subscribers and it inspires curiosity. 

Your subscribers have already shown that they are interested in this topic by requesting a refund in the first place.

What? My refund is being blocked? Please tell me more about what I can do.” 

These are a few thoughts that may run through your customers’ minds. Making your subject line super effective and will boost your open rates. 

The same concept applies to any life or business situation. Show your readers how the situation relates to them and inspire curiosity. 

Give it a try. 

Design Your Email Content

These 5 types of subject lines for email blasts work brilliantly and will skyrocket your open rates. 

Once people open and begin reading your emails, ensure the same concepts mentioned in this section are incorporated into your email body. 

For instance, if your subject lines convey a sense of urgency, ensure your mail body does the same. Keep your readers on their toes right while leading them to your Call to Action (CTA).

Use a clear Call to Action as explained in this article. Don’t be afraid to be direct with your readers. Tell them exactly what action you need them to take. And for this example, be sure to add urgency to your CTA as well:

  • Scarcity eg. “20 Seats Left – Claim Yours Now
  • Urgency eg. “Get 50% off your next purchase. Just 3 Hours Left

Branding Your Content

Your email blast may not be a part of your regular email sequence but it still needs to be branded. 

Use the same email template, and signature, and remain consistent with your communication style. By branding every customer interaction you differentiate yourself from everyone else in your niche. 

Also, your brand is who you are to your subscribers. You are your rand. If you haven’t as yet, consider developing a brand strategy. 

Before You Send An Email Blast

Before sending any email there are a few things you need to do to ensure you get the best results. 

These include proper list management and hygiene. 

The worst thing an email marketer can do is blast emails to a list that hasn’t been cleaned. 

There are likely to be spam traps and other types of invalid emails on your list. Especially if your leads signed up through an opt-in form online. 

Mailing to spam trap and invalid email addresses is a sure way to get your sender address blacklisted. 

If you are lucky, most of your emails will just end up in the spam folders. If not, you’ll have a high bounce rate

But that should never be the case. Because cleaning your list is so easy. There are many list cleaning services available online. 

Some email autoresponders like Mailvio even have their own built-in list cleaning services

So the message here is simple – clean your email lists before mailing

Other than that, ensure you send only relevant emails to your subscribers. You can do so by segmenting your subscriber lists into smaller groups. 

This will help you to organize your leads and better target them with the information they need.

There really is no reason or benefit to sending unwanted emails to your subscribers. 

Unless your autoresponder doesn’t support proper list management. In that case, you should upgrade to a better system

Things To Consider

To conclude this topic today, let’s consider what makes a good email blast. 

A targeted, concise message with information that’s important and valuable to your readers. Anything else is not worth sending. 

You may also wonder –  What’s the Best Day to Send My Email Blast?

The best time for sending your emails depends on your type of business and the reason for emailing.

For example, if you run a store where people can come every day, then Saturdays would be a good day to have a sale.

If you are an e-commerce site, the best time to send emails will depend on when you sell your products. 

If most of your sales come in during the winter months because people want to buy holiday gifts or cold-weather apparel, November through February would be best for email blasts. 

Whereas if you have a lot of summer sun-related products, then the best months to send your emails would be May through September.

On the other hand, an inspiring email blast needs to be sent in the moment of inspiration. Otherwise, it will lose its potency. 

Track Your Email Performance

You’ve learned a lot today which I’m sure you’re eager to rush out and implement. To ensure that you get the best results you’ll need to track your email blast’s success. 

How many of your emails are being opened? 

Are subscribers engaging with your content? What percentage of your emails are bouncing? Are they being delivered or ending up in the spam?

All of this data will help you create better email blasts and engage your subscribers more effectively. 

You’ll need to use an email autoresponder that provides detailed reports to get this much-needed information. 

So be sure to check out Mailvio once more by clicking here

Wishing you success in your next campaign. I would love to hear your thoughts as well. 

So leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this topic. 



Steven is the co-founder of Mailvio and oversees the operations and technical strategy and implementations. Steven has been an online entrepreneur since he was 14 years old and has been running SaaS companies for the last 10 years.


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