Calendars for marketing, what is it? Have you ever heard of it before? Or perhaps you already have an idea of what it is. 

Marketers manage many moving parts throughout the marketing process. As a business grows, these moving parts multiply. Before you know it, sticky notes are covering every wall in the place, and your daily planner is stuffed to the brim. 

Any marketing department’s daily routine must include a marketing calendar.

Maintaining track of all those moving parts is easier with an efficient, effective, and responsive marketing calendar. Keeping your team and company on track is essential to ensuring you meet every deadline.

This article will provide you with information about what calendars for marketing is. Let this be a guide for you to create an effective plan. 

What are Calendars for Marketing

Marketing calendars are written plans for marketing activities. A marketing calendar visualizes your marketing strategy planning. 

This is a practical tool that helps you reach your marketing goals in a timely manner. It gives you a birds eye view of how you want your year to turn out. 

A marketing calendar outlines all of your marketing activities on a monthly basis over the duration of the year. Creating a marketing calendar requires both time and resources. 

Calendars for marketing need to be crafted carefully. You need to think through every aspect before creating one, so that you won’t miss out on anything. The long-term benefits of this effort will outweigh the short-term costs.

Furthermore, calendars for marketing prevent deadlines from being missed. With a calendar, you’ll know who’s responsible for what tasks. As a side note, marketing calendars are not just useful for managers, but for the entire team as well.

So, by maintaining a marketing calendar, every member of your marketing team will be in sync. This will make it easier for you to keep an eye on your employees. 

Additionally, you will be able to make better budget decisions for the year. A marketing calendar is fundamental to getting a clear view of the big picture.

For your marketing campaigns to be successful, you need a concrete schedule. By setting and checking objectives, you can ensure your success. To keep track of your team’s progress, milestones, and responsibilities, a marketing calendar is a must.

What about you, do you already have one? Why not get one today?

Calendars for Marketing Benefits

Again, calendars for marketing are helpful in many ways. This makes them indispensable. 

The calendar must be well-made if you want your marketing venture to be a success. Here are some benefits of using a calendar.

Meet your Goals by Planning ahead 

The need to prepare marketing strategies in advance should not come as a surprise. If you prepare them in advance, you can stay on top of deadlines. In addition, each strategy should have some predefined objectives. 

You should include this in your initial business plan if you are just starting up. A business calendar should be developed even before your business is fully operational.

No matter what stage of your business you have reached, it is never too late to create one. Plan ahead, so you know exactly what you’re going to do. Staying on track is easy when you plan beforehand.

As soon as you’ve implemented a strategy, you should check whether it has been effective. Strategic planning is easier with this tool.

Anyhow, marketing calendars let you know when and what your plans are. Planning in advance helps you to produce better work and results.

As you prepare your metrics in advance, it makes it easier to analyze your performance.

Keeps track of workflows and Organize team activities

When you document all marketing activities in a marketing calendar, you will be able to keep your team updated. This will make it easier for the team to be productive and keep everything on schedule. 

Managing assignments and deadlines is easier when there is a marketing calendar. With this, everyone would be aware of what is being done and how it is progressing. As a result, coordination and collaborations are improved. 

Having your team on the same page will make working together much easier. In this way, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the team. 

It is much easier to reassign tasks to another team member if someone has too many tasks to manage during the week. 

All members of the group are informed

A calendar makes it easier for your team to share information about campaigns. In addition, it can be used to communicate details about campaigns. 

Having employees who are aware of what is going on helps you accomplish your goal. Apart from that, they can also offer some insights on the campaign. 

Having these in place brings everyone together, so everyone understands what’s going on. In the end, it’s easier for everyone. Explaining or updating is much quicker when everyone is aware.

Monitor marketing performance

You will be able to track your marketing efforts with the help of calendars for marketing. If you want to set realistic marketing goals, you must first identify what will work for you. 

To do this, you’ll need to try and utilize some marketing strategies. Then, let your brand try these strategies for some time to see which are working best. 

Only then can you decide which strategy is best for your brand. Then you can fully implement this marketing strategy and measure its effectiveness. 

Importance of a marketing calendar

Marketing plans are easier to stick to when your team is using a calendar. Using it, your team can formulate all strategies for action, and the plans are followed.

Keeping your team up to date and pushing projects forward can be done through the calendar. You have a greater degree of control.

So, it saves you some time and makes your goals easier to reach. Documentation plays a key role in your success.

Different Types of Marketing Calendars

There is more to a marketing calendar than dates and topics. You will find all the information you need in one place for your marketing activities.

You can improve your marketing performance with the right marketing calendar. A marketing editorial calendar helps marketers organize their marketing campaigns.

Marketing calendars can be classified into four major categories:

A calendar for social media marketing

Plan your social media marketing tasks ahead of time with the help of a social media marketing calendar. This is especially useful if you post multiple times each day. 

By considering how well your posts perform, you are able to improve your content.

Spreadsheets or apps are used to create social media marketing calendars. These tools can be used to schedule posts on social media. Managing social media campaigns and meeting deadlines will be much easier with this tool. 

When it comes to social media calendars, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. While some brands can be successful without professional assistance, others will need it. 

The social media calendar is available both as a paper document and as a spreadsheet. 

It’s up to you what type of tool you decide to use. What type you decide to use depends on the amount of content you will have to manage. It’s also important to consider your budget, how many social media platforms you use, etc. 

Not to mention that you can save time by creating a social media calendar. Your posts will be consistent, and you can gauge your success. 

Calendar for the Blog

Keeping your blogging efforts on track is made easier with a blog calendar. Filters and metrics allow you to customize your calendar according to your blog style. This will help you come up with engaging and entertaining content for your readers.

By creating a blog calendar, you can build consistency that will improve your readership. Keep track of your blog activities by using a blog calendar. A blogging strategy will be of great value to you.

Getting new customers and building relationships will be much easier this way. With the scheduler, you’ll be able to organize your blogging schedule, post ideas, upcoming holidays, etc.

Put some time into research and include links in your blog post. Maintain a record of what needs to be done and what has been done on social media. A schedule is the best way to keep yourself on track and maximize your time.

To keep track of SEO keywords and deadlines, a blog calendar is mandatory as well. Failure to maintain a blogging strategy can directly affect website traffic. You should certainly think about taking advantage of a blog calendar if you don’t have one.

Calendar for email marketing campaigns

This shows your subscribers when and what you plan to send them. This program allows you to track your email marketing metrics and improve your strategies. Customer retention relies heavily on email marketing. You should create an email marketing calendar to improve your email subscribers’ experience.

Utilize an email marketing calendar to plan and execute your email marketing strategy. A simple calendar is sufficient. Your relationships with customers and sales will increase if you use an email marketing calendar. 

You may end up with ineffective emails if you do not plan them in advance. Even worse, you may end up with a bad reputation because of your ineffective emails. Planning ahead is crucial for writing more effective emails.

Aside from having an email calendar, you can use an autoresponder. It is possible to send emails to all subscribers on your list by using an email autoresponder. 

You can use them to automate all of your interactions with prospects, customers, clients, and partners.

Thanks to these tools, you can tailor email campaigns to your subscribers’ unique journeys.

Creating an experience that is optimized for your subscribers. Your campaign objectives can also be better achieved.

Mailvio is a program you can use. It is an autoresponder with a built-in SMTP server. This program can be used by anyone with no specialized knowledge. 

What’s even better about it is its affordability. It has a number of features that are sure to enhance your email marketing campaigns. Some of its features are:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Dynamic Email Personalization
  • Unlimited Email sends 
  • Workflow automations

And a lot more. 

Calendar of content marketing

Your content marketing strategies and plans can be organized with a content marketing calendar. Having a team responsible for creating content will help you keep track of what should be done and when. 

In a content calendar, more detailed information will be necessary if the project is large. You will then be able to ensure the project is performing efficiently.

Furthermore, a content calendar should be updated frequently since it is a living document. Furthermore, it serves as a tool to organize and inform stakeholders. It is important to include relevant past achievements as well as responsibilities for the future.

Content calendars are crucial to guarantee consistency. It will help you to create content for your audience that is both relevant and regular. More loyal customers will come as a result of consistently providing useful content.

To keep your publishing schedule busy and successful, you need a content calendar. If you do it right, you’ll save a lot of time and effort. 

You probably understand how important a content calendar is right now. However, it is time-consuming to build one from scratch. But don’t fret! There are lots of ready-made templates.

Calendars for Marketing Formats

It is possible to make a calendar with a lot of software. Listed below are the some of the different formats of marketing calendars:

Software or Programs

Businesses can schedule and organize their marketing campaigns with marketing calendar software. Software can also keep track of budgets, goals and content. It helps in the planning of content. 

Writers, editors, and designers have the chance to do their jobs more easily. Besides managing, this tool can also collaborate in teams.

Google Documents or MS Word 

Similarly, Google Docs and Word share many features. Even so, Microsoft Word is clearly superior to Google Docs in terms of features. You can easily create a calendar in MS Word or Google docs.

Still, Google Docs is sufficient enough for basic word processing. 

Google Sheets or Excel

There are many similarities between Excel and Google Sheets. 

The templates can be adjusted easily in both programs. Data is automatically saved, and you can collaborate with other users. 

PDF or Portable Document Product

It doesn’t matter where you view a PDF; its content appears the same. In addition, many types of content can be incorporated. Besides being hard to edit, PDF files don’t make it easy to extract information. 

A calendar isn’t something you have to spend money on, and there are a lot of alternatives you can use. You can make one easily, and oftentimes, you have the software where you can create one.

Wrapping it up

The decision to use a calendar is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to use one, that’s fine as well. However, it would be best if you did. If you use one, it will make a significant difference. 

If you’re worried that having a calendar will cost you money, don’t be. You can do many of these things for free.

 In the same manner as previously mentioned. They’re usually free formats you already have. Tracking your performance is the key to success, so you know what’s working for you and what’s not. 

A marketing calendar allows you to keep track of how successful a particular campaign was. In the case that one plan works, it can be used for next year and put on the calendar. 

How about the other plan? Was it successful? Change things up. 

When you have a detailed plan of your marketing, you gain enormous insights. Make your marketing strategy more effective by refining it year after year.

Your business success depends on your planning, how well you can execute it and the right usage of tools. 

Neil Napier

Neil Napier is the co-founder of Mailvio. Neil started his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 out of necessity to keep his visa in the UK, when he failed to keep his visa he moved to Finland and started his career as a serial entrepreneur and super affiliate. With over $10 million USD in revenue generated, he is a sought-after expert entrepreneur, copywriter & product creator.


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