35 Last Chance Subject Lines To Drive Conversion

35 Last Chance Subject Lines To Drive Conversion

Today, we will focus on last chance subject lines that will help you capture attention and stay relevant for your reader.

Ready for a nice, concise blog post? Well, here we go!

Whenever you offer something to a potential customer, they will always have multiple reasons not to take advantage of it.

In order to create a shopping urge in them, one should appeal to their curiosity and emphasize that the chance will be gone soon, and they must act now.

You can generate last-minute emails to make your customers aware of sales or any other short-term deals that may otherwise be overlooked.

In these emails, you can use more direct language and add eye-catching images and emojis to make your message stand out.

Take advantage of your customers’ FOMO and let’s see how you can make it work for you!

How Does A Last Chance Email Work?

When you want to encourage your audience to take advantage of an expiring offer, you send a last chance email.

The deal may be a sale, a limited series of products, or a one-time promotional code that you can apply. In the end, your offer is limited in duration.

It will soon come to an end, and you would like to make sure that your subscribers are not unaware of it.

What can you do to motivate them to seize the opportunity? If you want that to happen, your email copy and design need to work together.

Creating a sense of urgency without turning the story into headline bait is the key. Essentially, your email must not mislead. Don’t set a countdown timer for 24 hours if your sale lasts for a month.

Subject Lines For Last Chance Emails

You should make your subject line shout about your short-lived sale since it’s the first thing your subscribers see.

The subject line can serve as a visual hook for catching your subscribers’ attention. You should also sound excited when you use emojis you want to trigger an emotional reaction.

In your last chance email subject lines, you need to intrigue rather than reveal all of your offers. So that your users will open your emails and take a good look at your products. To emphasize the short-term nature of your offer, say how long it will last.

In most cases, it’s not a good idea to use all capital letters in email subject lines, but it might work for last-minute emails.

When all caps are used, people are more likely to pay attention. In general, upper case means something important, and that’s exactly how we want the message to come across.

When specifying the time period of your sale, you can also use hours instead of days. “60 minutes” may seem more prolonged to some people than “1 hour,” especially with a countdown timer accompanying it!

I’ll give you a few examples of what you can put in your last chance subject lines:

Top Last Chance Subject Lines

  • Don’t miss out on this deal!
  • Hurry up, almost out of stock.
  • These deals won’t last long.
  • Tomorrow it’s gone!
  • ACT NOW! The offer ends in two days.
  • Expires in a few days.
  • Before it expires, get it!
  • The final call!
  • You don’t want to miss this sale.
  • Final hours 20% off.
  • Our sale ends today!
  • Don’t wait to get your deals.
  • The end is near!
  • Buy it or regret it
  • Don’t wait! They’re almost gone.
  • The sale ends soon!
  • Ends today! Grab yours.
  • You don’t want to miss this sale.
  • Just one day left!
  • “It’s now or never!”
  • A Chance to Win a Prize.
  • You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next!
  • Here’s Your Last Chance.
  • I’m Giving Away Something Awesome…
  • Time’s Running Out!
  • Don’t Miss This Opportunity!
  • “Are you looking for a new challenge?”
  • “I need your help with something”
  • “This is the perfect opportunity for you!”
  • “Can I show you how to __?”

Ultra Personalize

In situations such as these, a concise, punchy subject line can work wonders. You may choose to simply write “last chance” in the subject line, and be done with that.

But keep in mind that your customers may get many similar emails from other brands. Considering this, it would be better if you made yours unique.

Personalize your last-chance emails and notify users when their favorite items are on sale whenever possible. Send an email that triggers a chain reaction:

In general, all last-chance emails follow the same goal. They capitalize on the buyer’s fear of missing out on a great deal and regretting it later. You just beat them by one step and help your audience discover your products on their terms.

Last-chance Email Design Guidance

Although some marketing data shows our attention span has already fallen to 8 seconds. Therefore, internet users have a limited amount of patience and there is no desire on their part to read. With the right email design and copy thou, you can capture those precious seconds.

You should avoid discussing your brand here. Instead, you should use another email type for that. Focus on the “here and now”. Tell your readers in a few words how little time that’s left to make the most of your special offer.

What To Include

Make sure you use the most striking headlines you can think of. Featuring your last chance offer in a loud and clear email should reflect the scale and importance of the offer.

Don’t be afraid to use an informal tone, perhaps even a bit cheeky, to unapologetically grab a lot of attention.

Focus on the scarcity aspect of the matter. Include a countdown timer or note when the offer will expire and how many items you still have left.

Your customers should feel that there will never be another sale like that again and that they cannot let this opportunity pass them by.

Make your sentences as short and concise as possible. If you include a promo code, make it easy to copy, and don’t bury it. With a call-to-action button, it should be even more noticeable than usual in order not to be missed.

Be sure to include social proof. It will exacerbate your users’ FOMO because they will see all the happy customers who have already taken advantage of your offer.

You can insert emotional testimonials in last-chance emails, but keep them brief. Or you can also include how many purchases took place in the past 24 hours. Vivid customer satisfaction on display will influence other prospects to become shoppers.

Motivate your subscribers to buy. Use images to connect your offer with the change of seasons, upcoming holidays, a big event, or an emerging trend.

Also, any other cultural or social occasion. Your users will feel more connected to you and are more likely to purchase from you.

Give them a reason. Exactly why should they purchase your product now? Point out the price difference, or any other benefit that really makes your current offer stand out.

Final Steps

Incorporate last-chance emails into your email marketing strategy and make them bold and eye-catching. Because no one likes to miss out on great purchasing opportunities. This type of email can spark the interest of even the most passive subscribers.

You should not have trouble managing your own campaigns if you follow these simple guidelines. Try using Mailvio to build and automate the sending of your last-chance emails.

The importance of Email Subject lines?

Email subject lines are one of the most important parts of emails, but their importance is often overlooked. Subject lines are meant to catch the reader’s attention and entice them to read an email.

The subject lines of spam messages look like generic advertisements, so some people believe subject lines are not that important. In my opinion, however, subject lines are important for a variety of reasons.

The subject line plays an important role in branding the message. As a business, one of the keys to promoting your brand and your products would be to send email messages.

The majority of people who read emails will only glance at them quickly. The subject line is the only thing that they will have a glimpse of. If your business name does not stand out from the other messages in the inbox, people are apt to delete your email immediately.

If your email subject has an effective tone, you are helping your online branding to work correctly. As well as keeping people interested in reading about your products or services.

You can use a professional email blast template to make a strong impression on your audience and get them interested in opening your emails.

A good subject line makes people want to read more about what you have to offer, which will increase sales growth for any business or online e-commerce site.


If you want your last chance emails to reach prospects’ inboxes and to be opened with action taken. If that’s the case, we can help.

You can take a look at the last-chance subject lines above for some inspiration. On how to make sure people will read your message before closing their browser window.

You can create more sales and customer referrals that drive even more traffic to your website. As a result of the urgency, they create for you. 

Consider using last-chance emails in your email marketing campaign and use our tips to attract customers’ attention and boost interest in your product.

No one wants to miss out on a great offer, so if you send a smartly crafted email to your customers.

Ensure that they are aware of those special offers. Remember to always automate your campaign with Mailvio for the best results.

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