Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the easiest ways how to get an image URL.

The significance of images is obvious if you’ve ever visited a web page that was all text blocks. The presence of images helps to ensure web pages are easy to read and visually appealing.

Marketers deploy this method in targeted email marketing also to keep recipients engaged.

In addition, they have a unique ability to convey important or complex information in a simple way.

Images play a crucial part in creating a successful website, but their importance goes beyond simple aesthetics and surface-level meaning. We’ve all heard the expression, “a picture is a thousand words.”

When it comes to a lot of marketing campaigns, images contain valuable and interesting information that can be useful when sending emails to subscribers. Therefore, the capture of an image URL is considered to be a continuous process that’s carried out regularly that’s just the facts of marketing.

A laptop displaying image URLs

Image URL Definition

Uniform resource locator is the technical term for an Internet address. We used this to denote the location of something that’s reached via the Internet. Commonly, a URL refers to the web address of a particular web page. You can access this by typing the web address into a browser’s address bar.

As I mentioned earlier, an image URL performs a similar role. Essentially, it is the URL located on a web page that contains an image. Most of the time, the URL of an image will consist of PNG, JPG, BMP, or JPG, all of which are specific image formats.

It is not uncommon for some image URLs to go with the web page URL, but this is not always the reason. Make sure you keep this in mind as you search for the URL of the image you wish to capture. 

Capturing An Image URL

They are different means of how to get an image URL. There are several ways to capture it, including using a data extraction tool, manually, or simply by using a function in your web browser. In this article, we will help you understand how to get an image URL using each of these methods.

How To Get An Image URL Manually

Although you may be aware that you need to find and copy the image URL, you might have questions about how to do it. The best way to find the URL for an image is to look at the source code itself. As you can see from the HTML code, images are represented by the *IMG> tags. 

Within the tags associated with an image you are viewing, you can find all kinds of information about the image you are viewing. The “style” attribute on a tag, for example. It’s used to indicate the dimensions of an image. And the “alt” attribute specifies an alternative text for a page if the image has difficulties displaying for whatever reason.

It appears you’ll see an attribute named “src” listed within the *IMG> tag of the image. If you use the “src” attribute, the web address will be listed in quotation marks within the attribute. It contains the website address where the images are.

The process of getting an image URL manually

HTML code for an image appear as:

<IMG src=” picinfo.jpg>

The “picinfo.jpg” is the URL.

There are quite a few ways to find the information you are looking for. In addition to capturing the image’s URL, there are other ways to do so. There are times when all you have to do is right-click on the image.

But the command you select from the pop-up menu will vary depending on which web browser you are using. For instance, you would choose a copy image address when using Chrome or Safari.

You would be required to choose a copy image location when using Firefox. When using Microsoft Edge, make sure to select “copy link”. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can find the image URL under the “Properties” menu option of the pop-up window. Use one of those options for copying the image URL. You will then be able to paste the URL wherever you require it for your project.

Occasionally, the command to get the image URL does not appear in the menu when you right-click on the image. To find the image, search for it in Google Images. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the image into the search bar.

The URL can be obtained by right-clicking the desired image when you find it in the results. Another way to do this is to right-click the image. Then select “Get more details about this image” from the menu. It usually appears under “Properties”, “Inspect”, or “View image info”. The image’s properties will be displayed in a new window, including the image URL.

Utilizing Data Collection To Get URL

Your data extraction can go beyond what you see on a website and include hidden data that is part of the page with import.io.

For instance, you can capture Alt-images (descriptions of images) or the URL behind a link and include them in your data capture. You won’t have to manually enter any code since Import.io can automate the task of capturing this data.

The process of utilizing data collection to get image URL

Getting An Image URL On A Smartphone

We deviate slightly when it comes to getting the URL for an image from a mobile device as opposed to a computer. If you want to copy it, you will have to follow the same steps. But once you find the image you’re looking for, you will have to tap the “Share” icon. The “Share” menu will then appear. 

With more options within it, one of those options is the “Copy link address” option. You must select this option in order for the URL to be copied in the future.

No matter whether you are on an Android or an iPhone device, you must choose this option. From there, you can either upload the URL or paste it where you want it.

Getting An Image URL On A Smartphone


Follow these simple methods above on how to get an image URL. As we have mentioned before you can utilize images within your emails not only for aesthetic purposes. But also to convey important information and details.

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