The use of carefully crafted and well-thought-out email subject lines for surveys can be a valuable tool for getting feedback from customers. Your email marketing mailing list gives you direct access to people.

You can tell how good your customer experience and customer service are by asking them. Including information on the products and services, they’ve purchased from you.

Although email surveys take only a minute or two to complete, the email marketer behind them must invest significantly more effort. When you spend the time creating that survey, you’ll want to make sure that your contacts actually open it. Otherwise, how will you know it was effective?

The subject lines of survey emails play a key role in determining how often they are opened. Just as they do with other forms of digital communication.

We are going to share some of the best survey subject lines we’ve come across. If you don’t get those emails opened, then you won’t get many responses.

In addition to measuring customer satisfaction, surveys also allow you to make people feel valued, ultimately strengthening your relationship. Those working in marketing are well aware that customer satisfaction determines your success.

Effective Email Subject Lines For Survey 

Your subscribers and customers are the best sources of raw and honest feedback about your products or services. In the case where you’re sending out survey emails with unattractive subject lines, I would think that your data isn’t accurate at all.

Only 22% of marketers believe customer loyalty has increased for brands in the past two years, according to a recent study. In contrast, 57% of consumers consider themselves loyal to brands they enjoy.

The results indicate a very discouraging disconnect between marketers and the audience they want to reach.

How can we prevent this from happening, and what can we do in order to overcome this disconnect?

Who are the people responding to your surveys, as you mentioned in the intro? If you send vague “Let us know what you think” survey subject lines, only angry or frustrated customers are likely to respond.

That’s not good if you want to collect honest data about a wide range of customers. Both happy and unhappy.

If you are writing a survey email copy, you have a lot of approaches and tactics at your disposal. In order to make it as effective as possible. Even if you put all that effort in, if nobody reads the email, then none of it is worth it.

Catchy Survey Invitation Subject Lines 

You might be familiar with the advantages of email marketing if you have been using it for quite some time now. A/B testing and segmentation are probably tools you used to find out what worked for your audience.

When writing the email subject lines for surveys, make sure you consider the data you have collected.

Some examples of captivating email subject lines for surveys that are guaranteed to get the attention of your audience:

  • Help improve [business name]
  • How was your recent experience, [recipient name]?
  • How was your stay at our hotel?
  • We want to hear from you (and give you 40% off)!
  • Got a minute?
  • Be honest – what do you think of your new [product]?
  • We’re listening! (accompanied by a 35% discount for completing a survey email)
  • Cast your vote! Win up to 10% off!
  • Please help us improve our newsletter.
  • How can we make Mailvio work for you?
  • Have an opinion to share?
  • You have a [product]. And an opinion.
  • How likely are you to recommend [company] to a friend?
  • Tell us more about the [product] you bought last week [recipient name]
  • Hi [recipient name], how does your new [product]?

Often, the subject lines for email campaigns are pretty simple as you can see from the sample. Generally, survey subject lines should be short, sweet, and personalized, as always. Some of the most effective survey subject lines are likely to include:

  1. Pay attention to any benefits/discounts/offers
  2. Words intended to evoke an emotional response
  3. There are fewer than 10 words in your sentence
  4. A question
  5. An obvious call to action

How To Craft Compelling Survey Subject Lines And Get Them Noticed

For those who are more prone to sticking to the point and communicating succinctly, writing great email subject lines can seem such a chore.

Survey subject lines can be tricky to write, even if you’re an expert! In spite of the survey element, the core elements of good marketing emails remain.

This means you can make good use of the expertise and best practices that you have developed during your career to date. That aspect of marketing never changes.

Marketing automation software like Mailvio, combined with a survey tool, can make excellent survey emails incredibly easy to produce. As well as segmenting your audience and testing some tweaked email subject lines. You can also use the resulting analytics to refine your mailing list based on customer behavior.

A survey email differs slightly from the majority of emails you send to your subscribers. But only in that, you intend to receive a response.

In other words, you need to get those emails opened, avoid spam filters, and write a subject line. That encourages participants to take the survey.

Don’t forget to use emojis in the subject line if they’re appropriate for the topic at hand. Make it brief, short, readable on mobile devices, and clearly state what you want them to do.

Tips And Examples On How To Send Email Subject Lines For Surveys 

Activate An Emotion

In your inbox, imagine all the survey emails that have been sent to you. What do you feel when you think of these emails?

Is it hard for you to think of an answer? I think that’s because most of those subject lines don’t evoke any emotion. They’re unmemorable.

Whenever your subscribers see that Gmail notification, you want to evoke some type of emotion. An emotional response always wins out over a rational response.

Unless the customer has had an extreme experience with your company, a message such as. “Let us know what you think” won’t produce a response from the customer.

You want to target customers who had a pleasant experience but may need extra encouragement or reward to write a review. Extremely positive reviews are great, but it can be hard to counter extremely negative reviews.

So you want to target customers who had pleasant experiences but may need additional reinforcement or reward.

Empathy appears to be the easiest emotion to trigger in a survey subject line. It is human nature to identify with other customers as “us” and other brands as “them.” For this reason, word-of-mouth marketing is so effective.

Subscribers can help their colleagues make informed decisions by taking a survey about your company or organization. Once they are aware of that fact they will be motivated to give their feedback.

Ensure It’s Personal

“Quick customer feedback survey” may not deliver the punch you need. Email subject lines like this one are not only dry and boring, but they are also extremely robotic and impersonal. Unlike an inbox, your subscribers are real people. So, when writing your subject lines, address them like you would a friend.

Approximately 75% of customers are more likely to spend their hard-earned money with brands that recognize them by name and remember information about them. Additionally, personalized emails play a major part in customer retention strategies.

Sending personalized automated emails with Mailvio can also help you go one step further.

Include the date, location, order number, or any other specific information that will help the customer remember their experience when you request feedback.

To accomplish this, personalize your automated feedback emails with a friendly tone and specific details about the purchase.

Pin A Question

Regardless of the route you take, by addressing the subscriber with “How are we doing?” It’s still an engagement with the subscriber and not just a reaction to their purchase. The question begins a conversation with a real person. It’s not just a boring and robotic response.

Both past purchases and general surveys about your brand are excellent subject lines for survey emails. Send out automated surveys about products after the subscriber has experienced the product.

Don’t Go Too Long

In 2022, over 80% of emails were opened on mobile devices, and that number has only increased since. The subject lines of survey emails should be short so that they fit in-app notifications.

Approximately how short? We recommend you keep it at 50 characters.

Your subject line copy should also be concise, straight to the point, and easy to understand.

What do you think about this? for example.

Inspire Some Urgency

Don’t overlook the possibility that your subscribers might not respond if you don’t mention the time constraints. Perhaps they will respond. They may intend to respond anyway. However, they won’t actually respond.

You can express urgency by using the word “now” in your subject line. You can also inform subscribers that the coupon for taking the survey will expire at a specific time.

Include The Word “Survey.”

You can start your email with a clear call to action asking your customers to take a survey in the subject line.

In spite of this, you should still phrase your subject lines in an intriguing way. You will probably not get the results you want if you tell people to just “Take part in our survey today.”

If you want to boost your subject line’s potential, use personalization or some type of incentive along with the word survey.

For example, “If you take a short survey, you will receive 15% off.”

Put The Benefits First

In line with the previous point, instead of mentioning the survey in your subject lines, mention the benefit. You will need to give them an incentive, however, in order to get them to take your survey.

You might offer a bigger incentive, such as a 50% discount on a one-time purchase, for longer surveys. Despite the large amount given, remember that a customer’s time and feedback are valuable.

It would be okay to offer a smooth 10% or 15% discount even if you have only quick product reviews on your website.

Make Sure Your Content Matches The Survey Email Subject Line

You should consider this point for several reasons, including avoiding spam filters, upholding your brand’s reputation, and getting the results that you desire.

Make sure you follow through on the promises you make in your survey email subject lines. On the same note, you should also include an engaging copy in the body of the email.


Due to their nature, email subject lines for surveys aren’t the most interesting. It’s really up to marketers to use their creativity to come up with something unique that will spark interest.

A whole blog post could be dedicated to surveying email content. But you need subscribers to open the email first in order to make it worthwhile. Then you’re just wasting your time by creating something no one will ever read.

You can develop subject lines that resonate with your subscribers by focusing on their wants, needs, and state of mind. Make sure to run them through A/B testing.

Neil Napier

Neil Napier is the co-founder of Mailvio. Neil started his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 out of necessity to keep his visa in the UK, when he failed to keep his visa he moved to Finland and started his career as a serial entrepreneur and super affiliate. With over $10 million USD in revenue generated, he is a sought-after expert entrepreneur, copywriter & product creator.

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