Hey there!

We – at the Mailvio team – are coming to you with a BIG update!

Now, if you have logged into Mailvio recently, you would have noticed a few changes in the platform, which are very, very good.

Mailvio now turns into Mailvio Suite, with 4 different apps in one.

Previously, you could only use Mailvio for email marketing (campaigns and automations). Well, now – depending on your access level, you can do much more.

You can now use Mailvio for:

  • Managing email contacts (and running campaigns and automations)
  • Mass Broadcast: Managing other people’s Mailvio campaigns
  • RFM: Segmenting audience based on their purchase behavior and
  • AutomationAI: Creating full-fledged email automations.

You can watch a walkthrough of MailvioSuite here:

Now let’s go through each tool one by one. Not all tools are live yet; depending on your access level, you may not have access to one or more tools. Do watch that video above (and see the table below!)

#1 Mass Broadcast: This tool allows you to take over other people’s Mailvio accounts with their permission and mail on their behalf. So let’s say you’re running an agency, and if you have three to five to 10, 20 different Mailvio accounts under your control, you wanted to email on their behalf, you could do that from one place. 

Many people I know who would use this are people managing leads of 10, 20 other people, driving solo ads for them, generating leads for them, and wanting to mail on their behalf to make them money. So, they would use the mass broadcasting tool.

#2 RFM Tool: The second tool we will make available for you is the RFM tool. The RFM tool, which I can’t show you as of yet because it’s yet to be made live, allows you to hook in your PayPal, Stripe, JVzoo, and W+ accounts. 

By doing so, you can extract all the purchases from your accounts and calculate how much someone has purchased in a given period. So, customers may have purchased $2,000 worth of products from you in the last two years. You’ll find people who have purchased $100 of products from you in the last 10 years. 

You will get all that data and automatically – segment those users based on their recency, frequency, and monetization of their purchases. The RFM technique automatically creates categories of users based on their buyer behavior. And with a single click, you can tag these users inside Mailvio. Now, you can run targeted automations and campaigns for these users. Since this tool isn’t yet live, I cannot show you a demo or explain the best practices. But – if you serve your customers and give them what they need and when they need it, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!

#3 Automation AI: Next up is our email sequence writer. This is not just ANY email writing tool. This is a tool where you can build out a complete automation sequence. So you can decide what you want the emails to be about and build a full automation sequence. 

Watch a demo here to see how it works (and let me remind you – it is AWESOME!)

Now let’s talk about WHO gets access to WHAT?

For starters, starting August 31st, 2023, we will introduce new pricing plans, which truly reflect what MailvioSuite should be priced. It’s still a fantastic deal and way more affordable than Active Campaign.

If you are on a legacy plan, let me share where you stand.

Note #1 – If you cannot find your plan here, reach out to us at support@mailvio.com

Note #2 – If unsure of your plan, please check your original receipt.

Product NamePeriodMass broadcastRFMAutomationAI #nr of credits
Normal (GPT3.5)Premium (GPT4)
MailvioEngage Monthly 25,000 – Wayne OfferMonthlynoyes33
Mailvio Unlimited 25K MonthlyMonthlynono00
Mailvio Magic monthlyMonthlynono00
Mailvio – Monthly LicenseMonthlynono33
Mailvio Unlimited EverythingMonthlynoyes55
Mailvio 25k Warmed Up IP + Training MonthlyMonthlynoyes33
MailvioEngage Monthly 5000Monthlynono00
MailvioEngage Monthly 10,000Monthlynono33
MailvioEngage Monthly 15,000Monthlynoyes33
MailvioEngage Monthly 25,000Monthlynoyes55
MailvioEngage Monthly 50,000Monthlynoyes55
MailvioProspects Monthly 5000Monthlynono00
MailvioProspects Monthly 10,000Monthlynoyes33
MailvioProspects Monthly 25,000Monthlynoyes33
MailvioProspects Monthly 50,000Monthlynoyes33
Mailvio TrialMonthlynono00
Mailvio 5k QuarterlyQuarterlynono00
Mailvio 10K QuarterlyQuarterlynono00
Mailvio Quarterly 5k JVZooQuarterlynono00
PowrSuite MailvioQuarterlynono00
Mailvio All-In-OneYearlynono1010
MailvioEngage Yearly 50,000Yearlynoyes5050
MailvioProspects Yearly 5000Yearlynoyes1010
MailvioProspects Yearly 15,000Yearlynoyes3030
MailvioProspects Yearly 50,000Yearlynoyes5050
MailvioEngage Monthly 5,000 – Wayne OfferMonthlynono00
MailvioEngage Monthly 10,000 – Wayne OfferMonthlynono33
MailvioEngage Yearly 5,000 – Wayne OfferYearlynono1010
MailvioEngage Yearly 10,000 – Wayne OfferYearlynoyes3030
MailvioEngage Yearly 25,000 – Wayne OfferYearlynoyes4040
Mailvio 1-DayYearlynono00
Mailvio Unlimited 25K YearlyYearlynono00
MailvioMate 15kYearlynono3030
Mailvio B2BYearlynono55
Mailvio B2B EliteYearlynono1010
Mailvio FoundersYearlynono1010
Mailvio 7-DayYearlynono1010
Passive Income MachinesYearlynono2020
Mailvio 25k Warmed Up IP + TrainingYearlynono1010
MailvioEngage Yearly 5000Yearlynono33
MailvioEngage Yearly 10,000Yearlynoyes1515
MailvioEngage Yearly 15,000Yearlynoyes3030
MailvioEngage Yearly 25,000Yearlynoyes5050
MailvioProspects Yearly 10,000Yearlynoyes3030
MailvioProspects Yearly 25,000Yearlynoyes5050
Mailvio Magic yearlyYearlynono55

Let’s talk about Top-Ups.

So, say you have a legacy Mailvio plan and don’t get the Mass Broadcast, RFM, or Automation AI feature.

What can you do?

You have 2 options:

  1. Cancel your current purchase. And make a new one. It may work in your favor, but you would pay a little bit more.
  2. Purchase a NEW subscription altogether, and this is how much it would cost you (as of this time):
    1. Mailvio Mass Broadcast (monthly) $99/mo
    2. Mailvio RFM (monthly) $49/mo
    3. Mailvio AutomationAI (yearly) – $297/yr

And what will be the new pricing like?

You can check it out on the MailvioSuite Pricing Page when we go live on August 31st. But I can tell you the new prices will vary between $39/mo and $249/mo.

So what’s next?

Sit back and enjoy the new Mailvio Suite. We are very proud of this platform is direction, and we are glad to have you on the ride.
If you see the need for another tool, or want another feature – reach out to us via support, and we will be glad to help you!

Neil Napier

Neil Napier is the co-founder of Mailvio. Neil started his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 out of necessity to keep his visa in the UK, when he failed to keep his visa he moved to Finland and started his career as a serial entrepreneur and super affiliate. With over $10 million USD in revenue generated, he is a sought-after expert entrepreneur, copywriter & product creator.


  1. Ok Neil… I have been speaking with Sabin and I see you’ve transformed Mailvio into some more than just an autoresponder. Great. So I’m one of those original people who bought the Mailvio All-In-One Yearly package. I actually got 2 different accounts on two different emails: thefuzzybearga@gmail.com and epawsrusllc@gmail.com .. one account held 50K emails and the other 25K ..

    With that said, I would to merge the two accounts into one account and the question is what package would work for me best? I saw this Mailvio AutomationAI saying it was $297/yearly but where do I go as one of your earlier customers trying to upgrade to your latest version ??? Also, I was curious.. what exactly does one get with the Mailvio AutomationAI version for $297/yearly ?

    Looking forward to your reply ASAP to start the month off on a rememberable start!


    1. Hey Christopher,
      Please contact support so we can have a look how we can merge accounts as that is not an 1-2-3 thing to do and will require manual work from our team.
      You can contact support here: https://support.kvsocial.com/submit_ticket

      All the best

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