Mailvio Comparisons: Looking At Our Top 5 Competitors

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Mailvio is a sleek and feature-rich autoresponder. It differentiates itself from competitors by focusing on improving email deliverability. 

At the same time, Mailvio provides all the tools needed to craft high-quality emails. Plus it is the process of building detailed automation sequences. 

With Mailvio, it’s possible to:

  • Create Custom Workflow Automations 
  • Create Targeted and Personalized Emails
  • Manage Your Contact Lists
  • Send Mass Emails To All Your Leads
  • Create Emails In Minutes With Pre Designed Email Templates 

Let’s have a closer Mailvio’s top competitors and how well they do in comparison. 

  1. Mailchimp
  2. GetResponse
  3. Mailerlite
  4. ActiveCampaign
  5. AWeber


mailchimp home page

Mailchimp is perfect for beginners, which is perhaps its biggest drawing point. It is simple to use and comes with pre-built templates to help anyone craft beautiful emails. Other features of Mailchimp include:

  • Sending Time Optimization Multi-branch customer journeys 
  • A Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Segmentation capabilities to target messaging and automate product recommendations 

One area where Mailvio outshines Mailchimp is List Management as Mailchimp only allows users to have one mailing list on their free plan. 

This limits users’ ability to create targeted and personalized emails, which in turn slows the relationship-building process and lowers conversions. 

The only way around this is to use Mailchimp’s contact tags to group subscribers together. But this does take some work and requires extreme organizational skills. 

Additionally, you can upgrade to higher plans to unlock more lists. 

With Mailvio, list management is easy and straightforward.

You can upload as many email lists and you need to segment them with ease, making it easy to target specific subscribers with relevant emails.

When you consider this and value for money, Mailvio comes out on top easily. 

It’s possible to send unlimited emails to up to 10,000 contacts on Mailvio.  You can experience everything Mailvio has to offer with our 14-day free trial before unlocking all its premium features for just $39/month. 

Doing the same on Mailchimp would cost close to $200/month. And at that price point, many features are still withheld such as live chat support.

If you are considering picking up Mailchimp, you might want to have a look at this article first: Mailvio vs Mailchimp.


getresponse home page

Getresponse is a top-rated autoresponder in the industry. It also equips marketers with everything they need to run sophisticated email campaigns. 

It has a great user interface plus offers a free 30-day trial which is perfect for getting started. 

With Getresponse you can create detailed automation to complement your subscribers’ journeys.

Here are some other features this autoresponder provides:

  • Unlimited email sends 
  • Transactional and time-sensitive emails 
  • Drag-and-drop email editor with mobile and inbox preview 

But, despite these exceptional features, Getresponse’s price point is a bit excessive. 

For example, mailing to a list of 25,000 will cost upwards of $188.99/mo. 

Yet this price doesn’t include many premium features that are much needed. These include a dedicated or pre-warmed IP address or transactional emails, all of which are included in Mailvio at a much more affordable price.  


mailerlite home page

Next on the list, we have Mailerlite. 

This is one of the most affordable autoresponders on the market. It provides all the features needed to send high volumes of emails daily. Mailerlite is used by over a million businesses online and offers:

  • Automate RSS to email 
  • Time-zone-based email delivery 
  • Auto-resend unopened emails with alternative subjects or personal messages 
  • Segment subscribers based on varied criteria 

Mailerlite’s drawback is the exclusion of sophisticated automation and CRM capabilities. 

Email marketers depend on these features to flourish in a competitive market. 

Also, while they do offer a dedicated IP service for an additional cost, users still need to build a good sender reputation with platforms such as Gmail. Otherwise, they may still suffer from poor deliverability.

This is why many of Mailerlite’s users are now seeking alternatives such as Mailvio. Mailvio provides all the features that Mailerlite lacks at a great price. 

There are some more important points to consider when choosing between these two autoresponders. These points are covered in this article: Mailvio vs Mailerlite.

Active Campaign

active campaign home page

Active campaign is one of the leading autoresponder platforms in the digital space, and possibly Mailvio’s closest competitor. 

It has many similar features such as detailed automation capabilities.  Also, Active Campaign’s automation workflow is quite exceptional and easy to use. 

But, one area Active Campaigns can improve in would be email deliverability.

It would be more accurate to describe Active Campaign as an email-sending tool. That’s because, despite all its features, it does nothing to ensure your emails end up in the inbox of your leads. 

And despite having fewer features, Getresponse and Mailchimp have similar open rates.

Mailvio addresses this issue of deliverability with pre-warmed IP addresses. 

This allows Mailvio users to improve their sender reputations in a short time. Which in turn results in higher inboxing, and better open and conversion rates. 

It also helps to reduce your email bounce rate

Without this feature, users will have to accept that most of their emails will end up in spam/junk folders. 

Let’s not even talk about Active Campaign’s high price point as an expensive Autoresponder

Mailivio is at least 95% more affordable than Active Campaign. 

We did talk about this and other important points in this article, Mailvio vs Active Campaign. Check it out. 


aweber home page

AWeber is one of the best and most known autoresponders on the market. It’s affordable for large teams and very easy to use. 

It also distinguishes itself by focusing on deliverability, just like Mailvio. 

AWeber allows users to create automated SMS, live chats, and email workflows, thus providing more communication channels than other autoresponders. 

Other powerful features of AWeber are:

  • Email, SMS, and chat all in one place
  • Customer and lead management
  • Advanced contact segmentation
  • Powerful marketing automation
  • Landing pages and signup forms

AWeber allows users to have unlimited contacts but limits the number of emails you can send.

This limit is not present with Mailvio. Users can send unlimited emails to all their contacts on any of Mailvio’s plans. 

At the same time, Mailvio’s emphasis on deliverability goes one step further. We’ve already seen how pre-warmed IP addresses help to boost users’ sender reputations.


Mailvio’s emphasis on deliverability makes it a cut above the rest. This is especially true in the digital marketing space. 

Higher deliverability means more engagements, higher open rates, and better conversions. This translates to more profits. 

Mailchimp slightly takes the lead when it comes to ease of use. But once you graduate from the beginner stage it will become inadequate at best. 

It lacks too many features such as detailed workflow automation etc.

All competitors on this list offer great features but charge way too much for their services. 

Mailvio gives you world-class features at an affordable rate and better deliverability.

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