14 Type of Emails To Increase Customer Retention

14 Different Type of Emails To Increase Customer Retention

Which type of emails do I send to my email list? It all depends on the occasion. Do you know what they should look like? It’s probably no secret that email marketing remains the best way to sell online. 

But once you’ve grown your email list, what do you do next? This article will cover 14 type of emails that you need to send your email list in order to maintain a favorable status.

While it takes a lot of time and effort to collect emails and encourage website visitors to opt into your list. The end goal is not to have a large list of subscribers. In order to be successful, you have to convert this large list of subscribers into customers at some point.

Your impressive email list has taken time and effort to build. You also know how to customize your messages and make them mobile-friendly.

If you’re sending the wrong email, none of these strategies will yield the results you desire. The type of emails you send will determine how effectively you can turn all those email leads into paying customers.

The Type of Emails You Need To Be Sending

The problem with ineffective email marketing campaigns isn’t that they send too many or too few emails. It’s that the content they’re sending doesn’t stand out or isn’t specific enough.

Your subscribers will stop being interested in your emails before they have the chance to convert. If you simply send out the same old newsletter over and over again.

Ineffective email marketing campaigns lack a good balance of “brand value” based emails versus “selling” emails. By constantly sending either type of emails, you may either turn your subscribers off or never sell anything.

It’s okay to mix things up. As a result, your subscribers will appreciate it, and your open and click-through rates will increase, increasing your sales.

Before you get started, let’s review some of the different type of emails you should send to your list.

Type Of Emails Most Frequently Used 

Welcome Emails

In most cases, prospects aren’t ready to do business at first contact. As a matter of fact, surveys show that only 25% of leads are immediately sales-ready. While 50% are qualified, but not yet ready to buy.

In order to move your leads closer to the point of purchase, nurturing becomes increasingly important.

Sending welcome emails that introduce your organization without blathering on the sales pitch optimizes open and click-through rates. Also, carry out a ctr calculation

Introduce new products or services only after you have built a business relationship. Work on giving a good first impression. One that demonstrates your industry knowledge and expertise to open the door for future contact.

Advantages Of Welcome Emails

  1. A business partnership begins with that first welcome email sent to potential clients. A well-done email will make this a positive experience for them and make them more receptive to future emails. Subscribers who read an initial welcome email read more than 40 percent more content from the sender over the following 100 days.
  2. Improve Metrics: Welcome emails perform better than marketing emails at generating open rates and click-through rates. If you do this, you will have improved email marketing metrics almost instantly.

An Offer Email

As a “thank you” for being part of your VIP list, you send subscribers this email with a discount, coupon, or another special offer. These emails usually get opened by a large percentage of subscribers. In essence, skyrocketing open rates.

No matter whether you offer sales and discounts in your business model. It’s a good idea to send your subscribers special offers from time to time. In addition to showing your appreciation, you will also drive sales to your business.

The reason their subscribers have signed up for their mailing list is precise because of these emails. To receive notice of the sales before anyone else.

Free Gift Email

Do you know that the average office worker receives between 121 and 164 emails per day? Marketing emails such as those sent by companies typically have an open rate of about 20 percent. To get your email opened, you need to give free value from time to time.

Keep your subscribers engaged and, subscribed by offering a free gift email sprinkling in the middle of your email marketing campaign.

What kind of free gift do you think you should send as a free gift? Which subject lines for emails have a high open rate? What time of the day is better to send an email? Perhaps you could send something downloadable. For instance, free e-books.

Lead Nurturing Emails

In these emails, you lead your leads through a sales funnel to convert them into customers. Lead nurturing generally refers to subscribers who are not quite ready to buy from you. You need first to establish trust with your customers and company. The helpful content you will include in these emails will enable you to achieve this goal.

Unlike a one-off email, lead nurturing involves a series of emails. You can experiment with the different types of emails you can send to help build the relationship.

Email Newsletter

There’s a lot of focus on newsletters in email marketing circles. But don’t send mundane or monotonous newsletters just for the sake of sending a newsletter. This will only result in your subscribers unsubscribing from your newsletter.

You should always include important, intriguing, or helpful information in your newsletters. 

Anniversary Email

One of the ways marketers express their gratitude to subscribers for being a part of their list is with an anniversary email. You can celebrate the 6, 12, or 18 month anniversary of a subscriber joining your list. You could also celebrate a noteworthy event for your list in general.

Abandoned Cart Email

As long as you have the right site tracking tools in place and your customers are logged in. When they add an item to their shopping cart and abandon it before completing a purchase, you can tell.

You can easily recover lost sales by sending them an email reminding them that they aren’t checked out.

Promotional Emails

Marketing emails often contain promotional content, so instead of sending the old “20% off” emails, why not add more value to them? Add more life and enthusiasm to your content.

In order to achieve this, you can start by highlighting the products or services that are on offer. Then add some valuable content about what you’re selling. But still keep it short, concise, and catchy.

Request Email

When you deliver on your promises, you have earned the right to ask for a little something in return. You can use this email to request a favor, such as a testimonial or a review on a website.

Due to the fact that online testimonials are essentially currency in many industries, this is a highly returning email. Potential customers’ conversion rates increase more than 50 percent after they have seen other customers’ reviews.

Survey Email

There’s no need to start off your email marketing campaign as a monologue…you need to start it out as a dialogue. Emailing your subscribers isn’t effective if you don’t ever ask for their opinions. Which provides a mutual benefit.

We are going to use the survey email in order to take care of that. It’s a simple email generally sent within a matter of weeks. A questionnaire that asks them to answer certain questions about your product. 

By using this information, you can better customize your marketing efforts to fit their needs. Just asking for your audience’s time to take a 15-minute survey and give some feedback. It’s amazing how many people actually enjoy completing them.

Value Email

You do not need to have some sort of direct conversion goal behind every email which you send. In fact, if you want to deliver effective conversion-oriented emails, you need first to earn the trust of your subscribers.

When you send out a value email, you simply provide value without making any promises. Whether it’s a blog post, a shot of motivation, or a piece of helpful advice there’s something for everyone.

A high-converting email marketing campaign begins with the delivery of these emails, which are important aspects of building a relationship with your audience.

The New Product Email

When you release a new product or when you receive new supplies. Make sure to inform your subscribers as soon as possible.

You already know that these are your most loyal and engaged customers. You can significantly increase your sales by creating this unique offering.

Announcement Email

You should remember that email subscribers like to feel appreciated and special when receiving emails from you. When you launch an entirely new product or announce a major event, it’s always a good time for marketing.

Let your subscribers know and make them a part of your growing brand by sending a simple email. You can conjure up excitement with this email in very little time, and it takes little effort on your part.

What Comes Next?

Now that you understand the different type of emails, how to measure them, and why it’s important to be versatile. It’s time to go back to your email campaign strategy and apply all this newfound knowledge.

Remember also to consider email frequency. You want to be sending the right amount of emails to your subscribers. Because this builds trust and helps guide them along their customer journeys.

Automating the sending of these emails will help you tremendously and conserve your valuable time. Mailvio stands alone when it comes to email service providers. 

Measuring Different Types Of Emails

Here are a few things you should know before you begin to draft your emails with Mailvio. Before you begin, make sure you know what types of emails work best.

The most clicks come from useful content, according to studies. These are content like e-books and templates that help subscribers to better understand their business.

A promotional email will also be well-received by your subscribers, but the trick is to understand the right frequency to send them.

A study conducted by Marketing Sherpa asked customers how often they wanted to receive promotional emails. It was found that 86% of respondents preferred to receive promotional emails once per month.

In other words, if you’re sending promotional emails two to three times a week. To subscribers who only intend to receive them once a month. You may end up with a lot of unsubscribes.

Having a clear understanding of these numbers will assist you in understanding. Not only what type of emails you should be sending out. But also at what frequency.

How Important Is It?

You must understand one of the most significant factors that are all important to your marketing strategies: you are communicating with people. We as people love variety. Having the same newsletter being sent a couple of times a year will not score the engagement results you’re looking for.

There’s nothing wrong with your newsletters. It’s just that they cannot guide your customers along the sales funnel by themselves. For example, if you only sent them promotional emails all the time nothing would happen.

Final Thoughts

E-mail marketers face the challenge of deciding where to spend their energy and time. Are you focused on acquiring new subscribers?

Should you focus on writing different types of emails to convert your subscribers into customers?

To make email marketing work for your company, you need both subscribers and effective emails.

You don’t have to spend hours every week focusing on lead capture strategies because Mailvio does it for you.

We offer a unique lead generation solution. That has an intuitive drag and drop builder, powerful A/B testing features, page-level targeting, and exit intent technology. All of these functions work together to let you focus on what matters: crafting emails that engage your subscribers.

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