Automated mailing services allow us to send personalized letters and mass emails as easily as the click of a button. According to research, we get at least five times more response rates with triggered and event-driven direct mail using automated mailing platforms.

Send emails that are relevant to the user, individually personalized using researched data, and do it automatically with custom event triggers.

An automated email campaign is tailored to the individual. Plus you’ll never miss an opportunity due to unnecessary lag time or lengthy turnarounds. 

Features of Automated Mailing Services

We handle the heavy lifting for you with our automated mailing services. With Mailvio, you can set up event triggers and send highly relevant, individually customized direct mail.

When you use our autoresponder, you can be proactive and reactive. Letting your customer’s behavior and actions determine when your custom mail solution will be relevant and more effective.

With our automated marketing solutions, you can take your direct mail marketing to new heights.

Using Mailvio gives you the capacity to give your customers a warm welcome, send them birthday wishes, announce an upcoming appointment (reminder emails). Or even entice them with a reactivation promotion by sending them a “Thank You” message.

Staying in touch with your customers through automated direct mail means that your brand value will skyrocket. Resulting in higher retention rates, increased sales, and greater brand awareness.

Why Choosing The Best Automated Mailing Service Is Important?

In terms of cost-effectiveness, email marketing is among the most affordable marketing strategies for small businesses. The average return on investment (ROI) for businesses using email marketing in North America is close to 5000 percent.

Due to its ease of use, email marketing gives you complete control and allows you to establish direct contact with customers.

If you want your email marketing campaign to flourish, you need to pick the right email marketing software. As they are responsible for making sure that your emails reach the designated inbox.

You can end up paying a lot more money for fewer marketing features and poor email deliverability rates. May result in even more losses.

Advantages of Automated Mailing Services 

You should be able to create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface. Ideally, a drag-and-drop editor.

It should make it possible for you to easily send mass emails that are actually targeted and personalized. Without having to devote a lot of time to it.

Besides that, your email marketing service should make it easy to manage your contact list, segment users into groups. And monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns.

A good email service provider will make sure that your email campaigns don’t end up in the spam folder.

In automated direct mail, the manual processes of mailing out packages, gifts, and other items at scale disappear. Typically, through the use of an automated email marketing platform. Which you can also use to integrate direct mail with the rest of your automation tools.

You can establish meaningful relationships with leads, clients, and candidates with direct mail. With it, you can get up to 40times more ROI than digital mail, rising above the chaos of the inbox.

And while direct mail’s effectiveness and material costs are clear, the time investment often is not. Implementing a direct mail campaign manually is a time-consuming process for your teams.

Due to this, tactile marketing automation and email marketing platforms have emerged designed to reduce the physical time involved in direct mail campaigns. While allowing marketing teams to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Automated Targeted Mailing

Thanks to automated mailing services, marketers can automate the sending of directly targeted emails.

Marketers can deliver clever, useful, and enjoyable emails and experiences that are targeted to individual recipients for maximum impact. Direct targeting is effective for many types of account-based marketing (ABM), as well as demand generation, marketing, sales, onboarding, and customer retention/renewal.

Using Mailvio as an all-in-one marketing automation solution to systematize your direct mail efforts. Is an excellent way to keep the sending process simple and maximize ROI.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Marketing, sales, and customer campaigns can be automated with direct mail. Automated workflows ensure that the right clients receive the right messages at the right time.

Whether you’re fostering a contact throughout the buyer’s journey or rewarding specific behaviors in your customer base.

The automated workflows work by “setting it and forgetting it”. Having workflows in place allows operations to run without being manually initiated and information to be collected and compiled for automatic reporting and follow-up.

Automated campaigns are familiar to most marketers and consumers, although we mostly encounter these touchpoints digitally. Through Mailvio, these campaigns can deliver a direct email, eGift card, or a piece of content.

Such as a “Thank you” note, informational package, or promotional piece, automatically as part of a predetermined workflow.

As a part of the overall marketing mix. These small touches have the potential to drive your business in the right direction at the right time.

Through meaningful connections with direct mail, you can foster prospective customers through the marketing funnel in a variety of ways.

A Triggered Direct Mail Campaign

It’s not uncommon for your marketing workflow to be based on external behaviors or actions, or on a collection of behaviors or data points. Such as a download or an abandonment.

Direct mail provides a great opportunity to create a meaningful touchpoint to make contact when these triggers occur. When certain criteria meet the standard, triggers can be set up within your marketing automation system and run automatically.

Triggers like these can create highly relevant contact opportunities for your customers, clients, and prospects. Conversions are driven by making the correct moves at the right time. Direct mail has a greater impact on those conversions than any other digital platform.


Use automated emails to stay connected to your customers instead of manually generated emails. You will be able to be at the top of their agenda at all times. Which will result in higher retention rates, more sales, and greater brand awareness in the foreseeable future. Showing availability means being relevant in customers’ eyes.

Mailvio offers top-notch automated mailing services to skyrocket marking campaigns. If you desire the best results, choose the best all-in-one platform for your mailing solutions.

Neil Napier

Neil Napier is the co-founder of Mailvio. Neil started his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 out of necessity to keep his visa in the UK, when he failed to keep his visa he moved to Finland and started his career as a serial entrepreneur and super affiliate. With over $10 million USD in revenue generated, he is a sought-after expert entrepreneur, copywriter & product creator.

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