How Mapping Customer Journey Improves Customer Service

The main reason for mapping customer journey is to identify the steps that a customer or prospect goes through. In order to achieve their goals with your company and how to improve if there are any discrepancies.

Depending on the campaign, the goal may be to make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, join a loyalty program, or do something else.

You can better understand what motivates your customers to achieve these goals with the help of a customer journey map.

You offer a product, and they buy it, right? Mapping customer journeys may look simple at one glance. Looking closely, however, we can see that the customer journey has become increasingly convoluted.

With the average consumer using ten channels to communicate with businesses, online marketing is constantly redefining customer expectations.

This multiplicity of touchpoints creates increasingly complicated customer journeys, making it harder to always ensure a great customer experience. Customers remain a priority, however.

In today’s market, more than 70 percent of customers want their experience with a company to be as important as its products. Consumers also want as much access to companies as possible in real-time.

Despite social distance becoming more popular. Customers still need to feel like they have a personal connection to the people with whom they are doing business.

Clearly, customer expectations are changing dramatically. It then becomes a question of how brands can meet these expectations and ensure a smooth customer journey?

In order to comprehend and enhance the customer experience, there’s a process called mapping customer journey.

An artist's impression of a customer journey
Mapping the customer journey identifies the steps a prospect goes through before making a purchase

Customer Journey Map Explained:

Mapping customer journey is a way to visually represent what the customer experience is like. Through it, you are able to tell the story of how your customers interact with your brand across all touchpoints.

We all interact with companies via social platforms, e-mail, live chat, and other channels. But mapping out the customer journey visually makes sure no customer falls through the cracks of your workflow. This process will most definitely boost sales.

Furthermore, B2B business leaders will also benefit from this process when it comes to gaining an understanding of common customer pain points. That will allow them to better personalize and optimize the customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping

The process of creating a customer journey map, or visual story of your customer’s interactions with your brand, falls under customer journey mapping.

Companies can use this activity to understand their customers’ viewpoints and see their business from their perspective. By using this program, you are able to gain insights into common customer concern points and how to improve them. 

The first step is to map out all possible customer touchpoints, such as a website, social channels, and interactions with marketing and sales.

For each buyer persona, user journeys are then created across these various touchpoints. It is common to see a Generation Y buyer learn about a product through social media. Research it on the mobile version of your site, and finally, make a purchase via the desktop version.

A customer journey map should include information about the customer experience at each of the customer touchpoints. Depending on what action the customer needs to take, and how your brand reacts to it.

A customer journey map
A customer journey map

How Does Customer Journey Mapping Help You?

Using customer journey mapping provides a strategic approach to gaining a better understanding of customer expectations. As well as a way to optimize the customer experience. 

Small and midsize enterprises are just as important as larger companies when it comes to customer journey mapping. No matter the size of the business, customers expect a holistic approach to customer service, promotional efforts, and sales.

Personalization is one of the most important aspects of the overall customer experience. According to a recent survey, 84% of consumers like to be treated like a human. Rather than an anonymous number is paramount to gaining the loyalty of consumers.

Through the implementation of customer journey mapping, small and medium-sized businesses can create a customized experience for every individual, across all touchpoints and channels.

Benefits Of Mapping Customer Journey

Some might tell themselves, “This isn’t necessary for me or my company. We understand the needs and pain points of our customers” This may seem true at first glance.

In order to maximize customer success, it’s essential to break down the customer journey phase by phase. Align each step with a goal, and restructure your touchpoints accordingly.

All your efforts should base on solving customer problems and helping them achieve continued success with your product or service.

With An Inbound Perspective, You Can Redirect Your Business

By using inbound marketing instead of outbound marketing, you can let your customers discover you. In outbound marketing, tactics are used to target unspecific or non-interested audiences and interrupt the daily lives of customers. Which can never be good for building a firm relationship with your customers.

It is a waste of time and money to do outbound marketing. Outbound marketing annoys and discourages customers and prospects from doing business with you.

With inbound marketing, you will create content that your prospects and customers are searching for and that your company will find useful. Your content will draw your customers’ attention before focusing on their purchases. Similar to targeted email marketing.

Understanding what makes your company and website interesting and helpful to your customers, and what turns them away.

Can be done by mapping out their journey. There are certain types of content that you can create that will attract them to your company and make them stay there.

Create A New Target Market

Chances are you probably don’t completely know the demographics and psychographics of your customers if you don’t know their customer journey. You are wasting your time and money by repeatedly reaching out to more people. Who will not actually show interest in your products, services, and content.

A good picture of your typical customers’ needs and pain points can be gained through researching and mapping out their journey. By doing so, you will be able to target your marketing efforts more specifically to those customers.

Proactive Customer Service

Customer journey maps are roadmaps that show a customer’s experience. You can see times where people will be delighted, as well as moments where they might experience difficulty.

When you are aware of this in advance, you can plan your customer service strategy accordingly. And intervene at the right time that maximizes your brand value.

Your brand will also appear more trustworthy to your customer base if it offers proactive customer service. Say, for example, you’re anticipating a surge in customer service around the holiday season. You want to let your customers know your team’s new holiday schedule.

In case your team isn’t available right now, you can also tell them about additional support options to consider. And what to do if an immediate matter needs taking care of immediately.

As a result, your customers won’t feel surprised if they’re kept on hold a bit longer than they are used to. If they call you outside your new working hours.

Alternatively, they can use a chatbot or knowledge base. It helps if they want to find a solution as soon as possible.

Boost Your Customer Retention Rates

You can easily identify areas of improvement in the customer journey when you have a complete picture.

Customers will experience fewer pain points, which will reduce the number of people leaving your brand for competitors. In fact, 40% of customers will switch brands after just one poor experience.

An effective customer journey map can identify individuals who are likely to churn. You can start to spot them before they leave if you log their common behaviors and actions.

Even if you don’t save them all, at least try. Since acquiring a new customer is 7-30 times more expensive than keeping an existing one.

Your Company Can Adopt A Customer-focused Mentality.

Larger companies can find it challenging to coordinate all departments so that customer service, support, and success teams are customer-focused. Many companies have sales and marketing goals that are not based on customer needs.

When you create a clear customer journey map, you can share it with your entire organization. They allow you to see your customer journey in a clear and concise manner.

During every stage of the customer journey, from initial attraction to after-sale support. Of course, this includes marketing, social media, and customer support.

Considering this logic, there can be no doubt as to the importance of creating a customer journey map.

In reality, the biggest benefit comes from simply knowing your customers better. Understanding their expectations will help you tailor the customer experience to their needs.

Customer Journey Mapping Support Omnichannel Marketing

Your marketing and customer service efforts need to be highly personalized for today’s consumers. Omnichannel marketing and omnichannel customer service refer to this interconnected approach.

A customer journey map plays a crucial role in marketing because it can target one prospect across multiple touchpoints. You can use social media ads, for example, to retarget a customer who has viewed a product on a website.

Omnichannel marketing, when combined with omnichannel customer service, offers the best customer experience. In this case, the customer can receive customer support on social media, messenger apps, and live chat.

Furthermore, customer journey mapping can allow your customer service team to better understand the customer experience and improve their ability to resolve issues.

Customer journey map 2
Customer journey mapping can target a single prospect across multiple touchpoints

Methods To Enhance Customer Journey Map

Many different customer journeys across many different buyer personas can take a lot of time to map. Once you have mapped them out, you will still need to offer a personalized omnichannel customer experience based on your map.

You need to invest in software that can make customer journey mapping easier if you’re serious about it. Customer journey mapping tools are typically part of marketing automation software like Mailvio.

With Mailvio, you can automate marketing actions and create customized customer journeys. By doing so, you can take your marketing automation efforts to new heights.


You are better off understanding how your users engage with your digital experience and optimizing your most important touchpoints. When it comes to making a lasting impression. Seeing how important customer journey maps are. Using marketing automation software like Mailvio will make mapping customer journey as easy as ABC.

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