Why you should build a landing page? Because it gives you the chance to tailor what your visitors will see to what they’ve shown they are interested in.

Make sure the page matches what customers have been promised while keeping distracting elements to a low level. Will more effectively lead them to take action as desired.

Your website earns every single click it receives as a result of your persistent work. In order to get those website visits, one needs to put a lot of effort and resources into it.

It can be easy to lose someone as soon as they have successfully gotten their way to your website. So make sure you don’t do this. 

Generally, visitors bounce after visiting just one page of a website between 30% and 75% of the time. 

Considering the way you browse the web, that’s not too shocking when you think of your own personal browsing habits.

We have a lot of choices when it comes to web content, and all of us have a busy schedule. It is likely that you do not spend long on any particular site.

If you’re a marketer looking to get people not only to visit your website but also to take specific actions after they’ve done so. How do you maximize the value of each hard-earned click? You build a landing page.

how to build a landing page

How To Build A Landing Page That Converts

The process of creating a well-designed landing page for your company website, e-commerce store, or blog can be a challenging one.

Chances are that your landing page already has a stable design solution depending on your niche and the audience you have built up.

Even if a landing page works properly. You may still be unable to gain the conversions that you desire because it’s not bringing you enough new traffic.

In fact, the main reason for you to build a landing page at all. Is so that the website could be showcased to potential clients.

What tips and tricks can you implement to make your landing pages convert more easily?

With only a short period of time available for captivating each visitor? Here are several tips on how to build a landing page.

Minimize Potential Distractions

Websites typically make the mistake of overloading their landing pages with information and options. In the event that a prospective customer has never seen your brand before, the landing page is usually the first point of contact.

Don’t forget those bad first impressions are almost impossible to remedy, so why miss out on this opportunity?

It’s useful to make a list of the information, visual elements, and hyperlinks that will appear on the landing page.

I would suggest that you should not include any links or other pieces of information. Irrelevant to the presentation of your brand and product.

When you have fewer elements in your design, you will draw more attention to those that are present.

Direct Your Focus On Benefits

If you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with a bunch of products right on the landing page, keep it as simple as possible. In order to make your products more appealing to potential customers, make sure to include the main benefits of using them.

In order to convert users, your landing page should convince them that your brand and services are one that they should consider investing in.

The benefits you provide your clients are what make you stand out from your competitors.

It’s not that difficult to convert visitors into customers or followers. After you create a demand for your products in the minds of your visitors.

Communicate In An Amiable Manner

There is no difference between you and your audience. They are human just like you. When addressing the recipient of your message, use a casual, friendly tone, yet still proceed in a professional manner.

Make sure you are respectful in your writing but don’t be shy to let your guard down. Use a joke or a funny line now and then, if necessary.

The best websites are those that provide quality services while maintaining a sense of humor while delivering on their promises.

On your landing page, you should reflect the attitude and mindset of your employees and office atmosphere.

You shouldn’t simply copy your competition when creating content for your landing page. Instead, be yourself. Adapting what works for one business may not work for another. Be original and it will pay off for you.

Add A Numerical Element

You should always include numerical data on your landing page as a selling point. People enjoy seeing numbers and statistics regardless of what data you include when browsing the internet.

Things such as your satisfied customer rate, your number of sold products in the last week. Your number of email subscribers, all these things you can include.

Be sure to use the data that will work for your business and will convince someone to join you. As soon as you have generated trust over time using relevant information. Virtually nothing will stand in your way of conversions increasing.

Concise CTA

The content on landing pages should be concise and easy to read while conveying a powerful message. The effectiveness of your conversion rates and site performance can be greatly affected by your calls to action.

Write short, concise content about what makes your products unique and why they are better than others. Detailed information such as this should be displayed on additional pages that describe your company and what you do.

Whenever possible, direct, short-form content with clear messages should appear on the landing page itself. Regardless of someone’s level of interest in your brand and products, your CTA will still be read in a few short seconds. It might be too late to turn around and forget your site once they arrive.

Let’s Simplify

Last but not least, as a website owner, it is your responsibility to make the conversion process as simple and easy as possible.

Your website users don’t want to verify their identities twice or three times just to create accounts.

Errors like these are avoidable. Purchases, participation in discussions, and interactions with your content are all subject to the same rules.

If you want to maximize conversion rates. You have to make it as easy and obvious as possible for customers to get in touch with your brand and products. Find a method that works for your specific niche and stick to it.

Tips for Creating More Effective Landing Pages

To optimize the performance of your landing page, there are always tweaks that you can make. Here are several tips on how to build a landing page that gets results.

examples of landing pages
Examples Of A Perfect Landing Page

Enhance Your Landing Page

There are so many different meanings for the word optimize. I mean, we are talking about imagery, copy, keywords, etc. We’re talking about all of it. Optimize just means to make your landing page the best it can be, and that can include a myriad of modifications. If you want to know everything you could do to optimize your landing page, you’ll need a pretty expansive guide. 

Irresistible Offers

Despite the fact that you could claim that anything free qualifies as “good,” that isn’t exactly the case.

Your offer should be both free and good enough for a stranger to give you their personal information. It’s no secret that there are a lot of companies that are competing for your audience’s attention and asking for their information.

That being said, how can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd? Well, by making an exceptional offer, make it irresistible.

Following are some questions you need to ask yourself in order to determine whether your offer is compelling:

  1. What pain point does my offer solve for my target audience? Is it able to fulfill a need that they have?
  2. Would it be fair to say that the lead would gain a significant benefit from this offer?
  3. What are my chances of competing with my competitors’ offers?

Speed Up Page Loading

In one second, conversions and page views decrease by 7% and 11%, respectively. Having a slow page loading speed may also result in frustration and dissatisfaction among customers.

We should take landing page load time seriously. If we don’t want prospects to fall through the cracks.

Consider The Buyer’s Journey

If you’re driving traffic to your landing page, you should understand where your visitors are in the buyer’s journey. It means you’ll be able to figure out if they are trying to diagnose a problem, looking for a solution, or ready to close. Copy and offers should reflect this if you want to convert them. You should meet your visitors where they are. It’s no different from other marketing materials.

Create A Smooth Journey

The first thing they should see when they hit your landing page shouldn’t take them by surprise. Keep your copy consistent throughout the page. Make your landing page use the same words as the ads, social posts, emails, or blog posts that led them there. 

Make It Easy For People To Convert

You should not have to guess how to navigate your landing page. It should be apparent what you want visitors to do on your page – submit their information to your lead form. Use creative directional cues to lead visitors to your form.


FOMO (fear of missing out) is among the most effective emotional marketing techniques. If you show consumers that your offer is in high demand and/or short supply, they’re going to clamber for it.

Secondly, it works because people are attracted to things that are hard to obtain. A symbol of value and exclusivity.

You can use words like “ends soon” or “last chance” to demonstrate scarcity. You must only employ tactics that are in line with your business model if you want to be authentic. In conclusion, there are many ways in which you can apply this technique to your business.

Include a Video

In recent years, video marketing has become increasingly popular. Additionally, 88% of video marketers say that video gives them a positive return on investment. In order to create an effective video, make sure your call-to-action doesn’t get lost in the video.

Benefits of Adding a video to your landing page:

  1. Conversion rates are increased
  2. A more personable way of communicating with prospects
  3. A video can be more engaging than an image and encourage visitors to click and convert.

Make sure you take it one tactic at a time and build as you go. Keep in your mind when you decide to build a landing page.

 landing page with a video

How to Nurture Leads Post-Conversion

Thus, you’ve created an optimized landing page that converts very well. What do you do next? After all, you don’t want to ignore those leads. Rather than neglect them, you should nurture them further into becoming customers. Follow these steps.

Optimize your thank-you page.

As the first page someone sees after converting, the thank-you page offers a great opportunity to delight your new lead even further. Your two objectives are to deliver your promise and get them interested in something else on your site.

Walk Them Through The Buyer’s Journey

The new leads will reach the decision stage regardless of whether you are present. It’s your role to help them reach that stage.

Your lead has provided you with some valuable information, so you can anticipate what they need. Bring them to the next stage of their journey with content or resources, and you just might be their option at the decision stage.

Our experience tells us that prospects buy from companies that they like, trust, and are familiar with.

Establish A Relationship

Anyone who signs up to receive information from you becomes a potential customer with whom you should strive to build a relationship.

Since you already know what they’re interested in and what their pain points are. You can provide them with additional, helpful content and tailored marketing to address their needs.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to create a landing page choose Funnelvio. Without a doubt the best landing page builder software in the biz. Use alongside Mailvio to automate the whole process to conserve valuable time and resources.

Should you decide to use FunnelVio, you will be able to reap four main advantages. They are as follows:

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  2. Definitely reliable
  3. Extremely fast
  4. Effortlessly future-proof

The following are some of the other benefits that users receive from FunnelVio:

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Importation of pages: Use 1-click import to recreate any kind of external page.

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A Five-Step Plan for Hand-Held Onboarding – Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Your First Funnel.

Fully responsive: Mobile-friendly and fast loading for all devices.

The program consists of a complete product delivery system, with a variety of delivery options to choose from.

Create and customize a wide range of buttons and coupons to increase conversions.

Create/clone web pages in multiple languages at the same time.

Keeping track of goals doesn’t require split-testing and tracking tools.

Quick statistics per funnel page, and published status.


Digital marketers can build ultra-fast sales funnels with FunnelVio’s inbuilt checkout system. You can generate leads with the help of Funnelvio’s sales and marketing software. Create high-converting smart funnels with Funnelvio in just minutes and a few clicks.

In reality, FunnelVio does more than just generate leads. It allows you to automate your entire sales funnel. You can create as many funnels and landing pages as you like using the 160 gorgeous templates preloaded in your Funnelvio account. This method remains the best way how to build a landing page.

Neil Napier

Neil Napier is the co-founder of Mailvio. Neil started his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 out of necessity to keep his visa in the UK, when he failed to keep his visa he moved to Finland and started his career as a serial entrepreneur and super affiliate. With over $10 million USD in revenue generated, he is a sought-after expert entrepreneur, copywriter & product creator.

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