51% of the US audience still prefer to learn about offers through email newsletters. So, imagine the number of customers you can miss out on, if your emails don’t land in their mailbox! Scary right?

But you can always avoid such a blunder by choosing a good email marketing tool, that will ensure you newsletters are reaching the right audience. How? 

A good email marketing tool provides features that can help you build a click-worthy newsletter campaign plus KPI analysis. 

In today’s blog, we will discuss five ways you can find the perfect email marketing tool in 2024. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started!

Why do you need a high-converting newsletter in 2024 as a marketer?

We understand that with so many communication channels popping up every other year, it is hard to believe that email is still one of the best ways to communicate with prospects- but it’s a fact!

According to a recent study, the ROI on email marketing campaigns can be as high as 4200%, with conversion rates exceeding 21%. 

Simply put, for every dollar you invest, you can get $42 in return, which is insane!

Now, newsletters, a core component of email marketing, are instrumental in fostering customer relationships, driving brand loyalty, and ultimately increasing sales. 

But simply having a newsletter isn’t enough. 

To truly succeed, you need a high-converting newsletter that resonates with your audience and compels them to take action. This is where choosing the right newsletter provider becomes important.

Here are three of the top newsletter providers to consider in 2024:

  • Mailvio
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the three. 

FeatureMailvioMailchimpConstant Contact
Free PlanYes (Limited Subscribers)Yes (Limited Subscribers)Yes (Limited Subscribers)
PricingFree (Limited Features), Paid Plans Start at €25/MonthStarts at $10/monthStarts at $20/month
SupportEmail, ChatEmail, ChatEmail, Phone, Chat

Now, which one to pick will depend on your preferences and needs. But to make things easier for you, in the next section, we’ve discussed the top five things you can do to find the best provider. 

The top 5 ways to find the best providers for building your high-converting newsletter in 2024

Building a high-converting newsletter isn’t just about the content. Choosing the right platform is just as crucial. 

A reliable provider ensures your emails land in inboxes, not spam folders, and offers the tools you need to track success and optimize your campaigns.

But with so many options out there, how do you find the perfect fit? 

Here are the top 5 ways to find the best providers for building your high-converting newsletter in 2024:

1. Read Reviews and Comparisons on the Best Email Marketing Tools in 2024

Let’s face it, we all rely on reviews before making a purchase – and choosing an email marketing tool is no different. 

Reviews offer a window into real customer experiences, providing a more genuine perspective than advertising. You can learn about a product’s strengths and weaknesses beyond the marketing hype. Besides, from a human psychology standpoint, reviews can help reduce a lot of your mental strain required for decision-making. 

Plus, reviews often dig deep  into specific features and functionalities the users liked or disliked. This can help you understand if the product aligns with your needs and preferences, making a more personalized choice. Overall, by eading about potential issues, you can avoid pitfalls and choose a tool less likely to disappoint.

Head over to trusted platforms like G2, Capterra, or Trustpilot. Here, you can search for “best email marketing tools for small businesses 2024” and discover a wealth of information. 

Reviews will tell you if the platform is user-friendly, offers the features you need, and, most importantly, ensures high email deliverability rates (that means your emails reach their intended audience!).

2. Consult Industry Blogs and Websites for Reliable Newsletter Providers

Industry blogs and websites are goldmines for marketers. Not only do they offer the latest marketing trends and strategies, but many also provide in-depth reviews and comparisons of email marketing tools.

Trusted sources like HubSpot, Neil Patel, and EmailToolTester regularly publish content on this topic. Look for articles like “most reliable email marketing providers 2024” to get insights from marketing experts who’ve tested and analyzed numerous platforms.

3. Join Online Communities to Find High Converting Newsletter Tools

The power of the community shouldn’t be underestimated. Online forums and groups are fantastic places to connect with other marketers and get their recommendations on email marketing tools.

Platforms like Reddit (check out the r/emailmarketing subreddit!), LinkedIn groups dedicated to email marketing, and professional networks like Slack communities can be great sources of information.   

Here, you can ask specific questions about features and pricing and even share success stories (or cautionary tales) about different providers.

You can ask questions like-

  1. How is the tool priced (monthly, annual, based on contact list size)?
  2. Can the tool scale with my growing email list without a significant price jump?
  3. Does the platform offer email automation features, like welcome sequences or abandoned cart emails?
  4. Can I segment my email list and target specific groups with personalized messages?
  5. Does the tool integrate with other marketing platforms I use (CRM, website, etc.)?
  6. What are some of the biggest challenges users face with this platform?
  7. Have you encountered any negative experiences with this provider that I should be aware of?
  8. Based on my specific needs, are there any other email marketing tools you recommend considering?
  9. How does the tool ensure the security of my customer data and comply with data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR)?
  10. What kind of customer support does the platform offer (phone, email, live chat)?

4. Utilize Free Trials and Demos for Evaluating Newsletter Automation Services

Let’s be honest, features on a website can only tell you so much. The true test of any email marketing platform lies in experiencing it firsthand. 

Luckily, most providers offer generous free trials and demos, allowing you to take the software for a spin before committing.

This is your golden opportunity to see if the interface is user-friendly, test out the drag-and-drop email builder, and experiment with automation features.

Popular tools like Mailvio offer free trials, so you can compare and contrast features without any risk.

5. Check Out Best-of Lists for Email Campaign Management Tools

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of reputable tech publications and software review websites that compile “best-of” lists for email campaign management tools.

These lists, curated by industry experts, analyze features, pricing, ease of use, and customer support to recommend the top platforms for different needs and budgets. Head over to trusted sources like PCMag, TechRadar, and search for “best email marketing software reviews 2024”.

These lists can be a fantastic starting point, narrowing down your options and highlighting the top contenders in the market.

Choosing the right email service provider can also save you from getting marked as SPAM. If you are curious to learn more about it, check out our guide one “The Impacts Of Being Marked Spam By Gmail And & Best Ways To Avoid It.

Bonus Tips to find top Newsletter providers in 2024

While online research is powerful, there’s something invaluable about face-to-face interaction. 

Consider these bonus tips to gain insights and network with experts.

1. Network at Industry Events and Learn from the Best

Consider attending conferences and webinars dedicated to email marketing. 

Not only will you gain valuable insights from industry leaders, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with other professionals and learn from them. 

Here are some key events to keep an eye on:

  1. MailCon: This massive conference series focuses on the latest trends and innovations in email marketing, attracting top speakers and offering a wealth of educational sessions.
  2. DigiMarCon: This digital marketing conference often features dedicated tracks on email marketing, providing a comprehensive overview of best practices and strategies.
  3. GURU Conference: This virtual event focuses on sharing the latest trends in email marketing, with sessions on deliverability, design, B2B & B2C strategies, and the future of email.

2. Use AI Tools For Research

When you are dealing with all the aspects of your business, additional research can become a huge burden. 

So, to lift off some of that, it’s a great idea to use AI. These tools can help you gather data and insights from various sources, including industry blogs, reviews, and social media conversations.

While AI shouldn’t replace your own judgment, it can be a valuable starting point, helping you identify the top contenders and streamline your research process.

By combining online research with industry events and AI-powered tools, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect email marketing provider. 

For example, instead of manually searching for high-performing content related to email marketing tools, use platforms like Buzzsumo or farce that uses AI to find content about specific tools. 

You can also use AI powered tools like Bradwatch otr Sprout Social to monitor online conversation about the email marketing tools you shortlisted. This can help you find the user reviews and opinions more easily. 

And in no time, you’ll be building a high-converting newsletter that drives results in 2024!

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right email marketing provider is an investment in the future of your newsletter. So, just like any investment decision, take your time and think it through. Our tip will be to create a short list of 3-5 providers and then use this guide to make the decision.

Apart from our tips, do consider what seems like a good fit for your needs and budget. Remember, the perfect provider is out there! Don’t be afraid to explore free trials, attend industry events, and utilize AI research tools to streamline your search.

We’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences with email marketing providers in the comments below.  

And subscribe for more email marketing tips and tricks to help you build a thriving newsletter in 2024!


Q1: What are the best email marketing tools for small businesses in 2024?

A: There are plenty of good email marketing tools out there, especially for small businesses with free plans. 

For instance, you can check out – Mailvio, Mailchimp,  ConvertKit etc. Remember, the “best” tool depends on your specific needs. 

Consider factors like budget, features required, and subscriber list size when making your choice.

Q2: How can I find reliable newsletter providers for my email campaigns?

A: You can’t take shortcuts when searching for such an important thing as your email marketing tool. Our suggestion would be to invest time and make comparisons between 3-5 top providers in the market. 

Judge them based on their online reviews, expert blogs about them, and the features they offer.

Q3: What features should I look for in high-converting newsletter tools?

A: For high-converting newsletters, prioritize tools with a drag-and-drop builder for easy email creation. Automation features can save you time and personalize the customer journey. 

Segmentation allows you to target specific audience groups with relevant content, while analytics and reporting help you measure success and optimize campaigns. 

Q4: Are there free trials available for email marketing software in 2024?

A: Absolutely! Many popular tools offer free trials (usually 14-30 days) so you can explore features like email builders, automation, and reporting. 

This way, you can compare features, user experience, and pricing before making a decision.


Diptesh is a professional content writer and aficionado of Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. An experienced entrepreneur with both offline and online businesses, he understands the importance of email marketing and has plenty of first-hand experience supplementing his revenue streams with affiliate marketing.

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